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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A couple of quiet days on the Playa Matanchen

Saturday p.m.

Friday was a quiet day. Didn’t do much of anything except go into town for breakfast at where else – The Social Club. Again Phil, the chef, didn’t disappoint – Denver omelet to die for with freshly grated hash browns and toast.
Phil fixing omelet
The bicycle is a very well used mode of transportation all over Mexico – just a few sights from today.
Carrying this blanket on his head. He wasn’t hanging on to it when he was moving.
Awkard load
Child seat? Seat belts? Helmets? Child transportation

We took a short drive on the road towards Puerto Vallerta just to check it out. Have pretty much decided to just go to Guadalajara instead of going south along the beach. Lots of pretty scenery along there – Papaya orchards, mango and banana fields. Pink morning glories everywhere.
This morning George came over and visited for a while and his mechanic happened to show up at the campground while he was here. Introduced Bill to him. Bill asked about getting the back brakes on Jennie done as they were starting to wear. No problem – he could do it here at the RV park. We also need gas before we can go very far. Both gas stations in this area require drives through towns over rough roads. Again No problem.
He left for awhile and returned with a large container of gasoline and prepared to take off one of the back wheels so he would know exactly what he needed to do the job.
George, Bill and I left to go into town for lunch – hamburgers and fries – delicious.
When we returned the wheel was off, Jennie jacked up and the mechanic gone. He’ll come back when he has the parts.
I came in to go on line and NO INTERNET connection!!!! AGGGHHHH! Bill mentioned that I might want to put the dish down and back up again as Jennie was in a different position than she had been in. We are jacked up in the back left so tilted a little. So down it went – up it came – bopped around for awhile and then picked up the signal. Whew. It was here in Aticama where it quit working last year….. It’s amazing that just a fraction of a bit could make it lose its signal. So all is well
Got my NASCAR fix last nite – Kyle won the truck race – Go Kyle – and got the pole for the Nationwide race and so far he’s led 76 of the 77 laps. Now if he would just do as good in the Cup series
Because of the brake job we’ve decided to stay here another week – we'll be here until a week from tomorrow. Maybe I should take another Ultra Lite ride......

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