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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day in El Quelite and Mazatlan

Thursday a.m. -
This morning dawned dreary and foggy again. Yesterday was foggy for the first time in a week but it burned off quickly. Today it seems to be getting thicker as time passes.

Yesterday was a start to get ready to leave day – got the laundry done, re arranged the pots and pans so they won’t rattle, did some cleaning etc. Today we are going to El Quelite again for lunch and to see the Folkloric dancers and to watch a game of Ulama.
When we get back we’ll grocery shop. Then tomorrow morning bright and early back on the road again. Heading south towards Aticama.
Monday - Valentine's Day  was a nice day. We started the day off by going to La Noria so Bill could ask more questions about leather. While hewas in talking to the guy I was watching a newly married couple across the street at the Civil Registry. They looked so happy. He in his new jeans, crisp white shirt and polished cowboy boots. She had her hair pulled back from her face and then in many tiny braids. She was wearing new gold strappy high heeled sandals and an ivory colored slinky material party dress. It was trimmed with gold braid around the waist. After the ceremony they got in the back of one of the pickup taxies with one set of parents and off they went to begin their life together. I hope they remain as happy as they were on their wedding day.
From La Noria we went to El Quelite for lunch. At our favorite restaurant.
Front of Restaurant
The last time we were here with Tom we bought some raffle tickets from the restaurant owner. He said the money would be for planting bougainvilleas along the roadway into town. As we turned off the main highway towards town we noticed the area had been cleaned up and white rocks now surrounded new little bougainvilleas. That was fast. Will be beautiful by next year.
They will grow fast here
One of the Mini Markets in town selling Valentine's balloons.

After leaving El Quelite we drove to the smaller town of El Quemado where a lot of the people working in the restaurant live. Interesting little town. Some really nice homes there
Common wall between the two homes

A pretty plaza

And another cheese factory.
Small cheese factory
Later that evening we decided to go out for dinner. Thought we’d try the Italian Restaurant we’ve been talking about going to for the last three years. Got there and it was packed – it is in a hotel and looked like everyone from the hotel was in there having dinner. So we left and drove over to our old stand by Plaza Machado. Past this hotel on the way.

We had dinner at the Plaza and people watched for a while. Another wedding party. This one a little more fancy. They were having some pictures taken in the Plaza. Quite a beautiful dress with long train and he was dressed in tails. Shouldn’t have trouble remembering his anniversary.

Happy Bride and Groom
Tuesday was another laid back day. We went to the old district and walked around a little. Of course had to go into the big Central Market again. Want some beef for dinner? Which cut?

Or how about some smiling piggies?

Or chicken feet – Tom this is for you.

Lots of good looking produce to choose from.

Later that evening we took a drive out the Malecon and discovered this. I guess it is something that is going up to decorate for Carnaval.

Carnaval decoration I guess
Also from the Malecon we could see the cruise ship behind the city. They are soooo big and this is one of the smaller ones. And yes they have settled their dispute with the city and are stopping here again.
Cruise ship at dock
So we continued on out to a look out point to watch it leave the harbor. Just made it in time to see it leave

There it goes heading south.
So that pretty well catches me up to date. Until next time....

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