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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flight in an Ultra Lite - Another one off the "bucket list"

Still Wednesday afternoon -
Tuesday flight in an ultra lite.
About 5:00 the wind had let up enough to take up the Ultra Lite. The pilot Chip told me to dress warm – so I put on long pants, long sleeved shirt and my fleece vest. And headed over to the “plane” Chip was doing his pre-flight.
Pre flight check
The “plane” - that's going to take both of us up in the air and keep us up there?
I"m going to get in that and do what!?
Me all dressed up and waiting to go.
First Chip put the thick earmuffs on me and then a helmet with a clear visor. The earmuffs had a speaker and mike attached so we could communicate while in the air.
Got my hat and pants on - Ready to go.
Getting strapped in. A seat belt and a place to put my feet. Chips seat belt also came across my chest. So I figured I wouldn’t drop off anyway. Seemed kind of strange not to have any “walls” around me though. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. Too late.
Off we headed.
Bye Bye
 Taxing down the sandy runway - other wise know as the beach
Had to stop at the end so Chip could remove some poles that might obstruct our landing. Oh good – wouldn’t want anything to obstruct the landing.
A quick shot of the instrument panel.

Not much there.
He got back in and told me to put the visor on my helmet down we were going to take off!!!!!!
Bill took this as we took off – WOW all of a sudden we were headed UP UP…..

After I let go of the seat belt strap I started to take pictures – God I hoped I didn’t drop my camera. But Chip made me put the strap around my neck before we took off. We headed north towards San Blas – some of the country side with the houses

A lot of the pictures you will see Chip’s hands and or elbows in.
Still going north but the wind had really picked up so he turned us around and headed south.
Going over little town of Aticama - starting to really enjoy this now.  The wind was wanting to push my head back so I kind of hand to hold the helmet down with one hand and take pictures with the other.
Lots of palm trees and vegetation.
Mango orchards
Just a shot of the waves and trees
blue blue ocean
Can see a long way now
Looking south towards Puerta Vallerta
Looking out towards the ocean and setting sun.

Unfortunately the wind was picking up even more and it was starting to get a lot colder so we turned around and headed back. Going over Aticama again

Coming in for the landing – had to go around as there were people in the way this time.

Here is our landing. I was holding on to the camera for dear life. Flight was over way to quickly.

A picture of my intrepid pilot Chip

Thank You Chip
This was kind of like my ride in the race car - over way to quick. I wouldn' hestate to do it again - for a longer time.


Nancy said...

I have "gone flying with you" about 3 times now Carol----I bet you had a ball----what is next on your bucket list? Have fun and stay safe tho!!

Liz said...

What a neat experience and fantastic views!