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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

San Blas and The Social Club restaurant.

Wednesday a.m.
I think I'll do two posts today cause I want to share what we/I did yesterday asap.
Monday morning dawned bright and sunny. We decided to go out to breakfast at a restaurant we had heard about in San Blas – The Social Club. It is right across the street from the main plaza.
 - You can click on a picture to make it a little bigger -

It has a bar downstairs and a restaurant upstairs. Excellent food the chef is from New Jersey! The owner from New York. It also has an Internet connection. And a library of English books.

The efficient kitchen in The social Club
After breakfast we walked around town a little. Noticed that the main street heading west had been completely repaved in town. They used the same pavers that were used in Tepic.
A little sand on them
And the next street over between the plaza and church is all dug up being readied for repair.
Major construction going on here
The Government Palace had been repainted inside

And out since last year.
Lots of vendors stalls
The bell tower on the right hand side of the new church has finally been completed

But the old church is just getting older.

Continued walking towards the market place. Lots of big fresh fish for sale.
BIG fish
And I’ve been threatening to buy The Driver a sparkly t-shirt. Thought one of these would be great. Especially the Priestess of Magic Mushrooms one. He didn’t think that was funny – though he did stop and look at it.

This little girl with a great big doll walked by us. Then turned around and stared at us as we went by her. The doll is almost as big as her.

Back into the car and a drive to the small harbor. While there we checked on taking a boat ride – either out in the ocean or up the river through the Mangroves. It would be something to do one day.

When we got back to the RV park we noticed another motorhome had pulled in. Gee it’s getting busy here.
The palapa next to us is being redone too. All the old palm leaves have been taken off it and some of the wooden support beams are being replaced.

Of course Bill went over to investigate. He asked the guy why he was using string to tie the cross beams together and not using the plastic zip ties.

New string holding wood together
Simple answer “the wood and palm leaves rot so they have to be replaced every couple of years no matter what. The zip ties and the string both would have to be replaced at that time. The zip ties would cost about US$35 the string costs 50 cents.” Economic sense. So much for advanced technology sometimes it isn’t the best way.
Was going to cook dinner but Bill talked me into going back into town to the Social Club instead. Didn’t have to talk too hard. We hand a scrumptious meal – Veal Scaloppini, small roast potatoes, asparagus and salad made with ingredients fresh picked from a garden that morning. We both cleaned our plates good enough to just put them away.
Weather was perfect all day – what more could we ask for.
Yesterdays adventures coming soon - ocean ride in small boat and my ride in an ultra light plane.

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