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Friday, February 18, 2011

On the road again - south to Playa Matanchen

Friday p.m.

Yesterday, Thursday we had a very nice day in El Quelite and an interesting experience in Mazatlan but I will leave that for my next post.
Today, Friday, early this morning – well early for us – around 6:30 we left Mazatlan. And it was foggy foggy out. Leaving the campground.
Leaving campground 6:30 a.m.
The sun trying to come out.

And surprisingly enough it stayed foggy most of the way even though we were inland quite a ways. Going into the state of Nayarit where we’ll be for a while.

Not too much to say about the trip. Jennie ran well the road was for the most part good but only two lanes. Their only drawback was they WERE EXPEN$IVE! It was almost even more expensive. I had a copy of what we paid last year in tolls so knew it was going to not be a cheap day. But at the first toll booth I had written down 226 pesos and the toll person said 326 - WHAT? don't think so - some of the tolls have gone up this year from last but only by ten to twenty pesos - not 100. So The Driver very nicely questioned the toll person. Oops turned out he said the wrong amount it really was 226 pesos. Hummmmm  It ended up costing 780 Pesos around 64 US dollars for 165 miles. About 2.60 per mile!!!!! Took us five hours. But the last 20 miles on the road into San Blas was where a lot our time was spent. It is a narrow curvy road with no shoulders and lots of traffic going down to the coast. Very pretty tropical plants all the way.

At each little town something is for sale usually fruit but I also noticed this several places. It is gasoline – no gas stations on that road.

We are staying at El Chaco Hotel, Bar, Restaurant and RV Park. It is right on the beach and the hotel part is very nice. Beautiful pool area – will take pictures tomorrow.
The satellite went up and is functioning thank goodness. The park charges 1400 Pesos for one week about US$16.50 a day. If you pay by the week it is cheaper as you pay for only six days. Full hookups with 30 amp electric. We can even run the air conditioning and the microwave at the same time. There is no WiFi and the cell phone only works when it wants to. 
After settling in we went looking for George of Ms. Tioga and George. He was camped just south of Aticama on the Little River.
Ms Tioga
When we pulled up by him he came out and invited us in for a chat. Very nice man. As nice as his blog suggests. See his blog for our visit http://blog.vagabonders-supreme.net/
Then we stopped in town and picked up some pollo asado – charcoal roasted chicken for lunch.
It was very good.
Once we finished lunch we headed towards San Blas again to where the banana bread is sold. Had to have some. It is so good. They also sell: elote (corn), yaka (a fruit), coco and piƱa (pineapple) breads. Will have to try a couple of them before we leave. I noticed they have some of them in muffin form so we can just sample them.

Bill buying banana bread
Then back to Jennie to relax for the rest of the day. Did see the guy George talks about Flyboy Chip going up in his ultra light. Talked to him about taking a ride with him. Will have to wait for a nice day though.

The Ultra Light and flyboy Chip
Also saw this pretty horse walking along the beach.

Made a new header for the blog – but not sure I like it – Maybe when it is a sunnier day – yes it is foggy here too. And I know there is a way to change the color of the text but for the life of me I can't remember how.
Then watched a very different sunset. The sun suddenly appeared beneath the fog – bright red then disappeared back into the fog. Weird but pretty.
coming out of the fog

out of the fog
back into the fog

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Anonymous said...

wow, and I complain about the tolls on the Ohio turnpike! It was a very pretty sunset.