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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday on Playa Matanchen

Sunday a.m.

For the first time since we’ve been here it is foggy out this a.m. But the sun is trying to peek through. The families are starting to show up to spend the day in the sand and surf. Don’t know what we’ll end up doing today.
We watched an old movie last night – Written in the Wind – with Rock Hudson and Robert Stack – they sure did over act in those older movies. I discovered another author I like Kyle Mills – we picked up a couple of his books in Mazatlan and I downloaded another one. He has a continuing character an FBI agent always in trouble.

Sunday later – the sun has come out

I’m hoping some of the clouds will hang around and make for a pretty sunset. So far they have been kind of blah – Just a big orange ball sinking into the water. Although last night I did see the “green flash” until then I’d thought it was just a myth.

And the beach is crowded – well for here anyway. Can smell all kinds of bbq cooking and hear all kinds of music playing. Lots of vendors going up and down both walking and in vehicles. Sell all kinds of stuff – one truck just went by selling pork tamales. A kid walked by with a tray of brightly colored coconut candy and another with bread.
Some people are under the palapas others have brought umbrellas or screen tents or just blue tarps.

I’ve been doing some beading – made this necklace but haven’t finished it yet – still have to finish the clasp for it. (I don’t like the one I made it is too big – will have to do it over I guess.)

No sign of the mechanic today – so Jennie sits here with one set of wheels off.
Waiting for new brakes


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