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Monday, February 14, 2011

Random thoughts - Laundry Ladies - Cliff Diver - Sail Boats

Monday a.m.
We are thinking about leving sooner than the 25th. Bill is up talking to the owner to see if we do if we can use our last week later in the year when we come back through on our way home.

The price of gasoline has gone up here in Mexico again from 8.84 pesos a liter to 8.92 pesos a liter. That makes a big difference to the people driving for a living here. Gas is not self serve and some gas stations still do not take credit cards. Though more and more do. While thinking about driving – I have seen no women bus drivers, taxi drivers or pulmonia drivers. All are men.
Pulmonia in Plaza Machado
But when I went to the doctor I did have a male nurse take my vitals. The baggers in the grocery stores are either young children or old men and women. They are provided uniforms but work for tips.
Saturday we went back up the mountain to Chuepuedes again (the place of the OH MY GOD bridge.) The lady with the carved faces was supposed to have some more faces for Bill but she got unexpectedly called in to Mazatlan so she wasn’t there.
Passing through Concordia we went by the hot springs again to see if the ladies were doing laundry. They sure were – a whole bunch of them with loads and loads of laundry. They also hang it around the area to dry. It was about 84 degrees out and about 11 o’clock when we got there. Took a few pictures but didn’t want to be intrusive.

Many ladies - Much laundry

She's washing her hair
From here we continued on up to Copala for lunch. I had chili rellenos for the first time. Pretty good.

In Copala it was 93 degrees! When we got back to Mazatlan it was only 69.
Went to WalMart to get some blank DVDs to record my slideshows and some enzymes for Bills stomach. Papaya based they really work great when eating anything spicy or hard to digest. We are also looking for lemon juice as we used the last we brought with us. Can’t find it anywhere here. In fact we can’t find lemons – yellow lemons. They have a smaller green fruit they call lemons and the still smaller limes – but no lemons. Had never noticed that before.
Yesterday morning, Sunday we went to the big hotel across the street for breakfast in their restaurant on the beach. Very good food. Bill had, he says, one of the best omelets he’s ever eaten. I had bacon, eggs, home fries and toast. Nice atmosphere and view of the ocean.
Torres Hotel
While there a harp player was serenading the customers. Beautiful music and he had a very nice voice. I think the only male harp player I’ve ever seen.

After breakfast we drove up the Malecón and lo and behold the cliff divers were out.
The Diver
The platform is 45 feet above the water and the water quite shallow.

Got a good video of him doing his dive.

Walked around the area and looked at the stuff for sale.
Lots of "stuff"
Also noticed they have the fountain going again on the monument “Continuity of Life.” It a beautiful piece.

Then crossed the street to look into the cave in the hill. It is called the - La Cueva Del Diablo - The Devil’s Cave. In the 1800s the hill which is honeycombed with tunnels was used to store ice brought from San Francisco by ship. Later it was used to store ammunition. This entrance served as an escape route for the soldiers guarding the ammunition. Now there is a red gate with a devil’s face on it to keep people out.
Entrance to Devil's Cave
Then we watched a sail boat regatta out in the bay. They are so graceful and pretty.
Getting lined up

The Golden Zone in the background
No parasailers up today – too windy and still too cold for me.

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