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Friday, February 4, 2011

Meaning of Gringo and visit to Los Limones

Friday p.m.
Ever wonder where the word gringo came from. There are a lot of theories but… I’m stealing this from one of the English Mazatlan periodicals that we get here in the RV park.

The first theory is – during the Mexican revolution when the US soldiers were chasing Pancho Villa across the border into Mexico the US troops wore green uniforms and the Mexican people would shout “green go” whenever they encountered the soldiers. However the US soldiers wore tan uniforms at that time. And why would the Mexicans shout “green” when the word is “verde?”
Second theory – the word came from the Mexican-American war of 1846. In this versior the American soldiers san the song “Green Go the Rushes” while marching. So again the origin comes from the bastardization of the words “green go.” So if either of these theories is correct ONLY Americans should be called Gringo – not Canadians.
The first dictionary that listed gringo was published 1786 in Spain. The definition of the word at that point was “a foreigner with any type of accent that prevents them from speaking perfect Spanish” –Derived from the word “griego” meaning Greek. Chose the one you like.

Being called a gringo can be good or bad depending on how it is said.
I thought that was fun.
Well now it is Friday – didn’t get anything written yesterday.
It was cold and windy yesterday and cold today. Never got out of the low 60s and it got cold enough last night that I woke up with cramps in my feet from the cold. Ugh!
Thursday we went inland to La Noria again as Bill was picking up some leather supplies one of the shop owners there ordered for him. And tomorrow we are going back there so will leave all musings about there till later.
As we’ve been going back and forth on that highway I’ve noticed a couple of trees/bushes that had fruit like things hanging from them. So this time I asked The Driver to stop so I could get pictures. This tree has a weird looking fruit? on it. The shape reminds me of some kind of little squash but I know it isn’t.
Closer look.

And then we found these squash/squashes. We stopped and asked a lady waiting for a bus what they were chilicotes [a kind of squash/gourd] but they can’t be eaten – they are very bitter. Just the burros like them. But she said they can be dried and painted. So we have three.

We’ve passed a road sign pointing to Los Limones several time. In the distance I could see beautiful buildings. Thought to myself “must be a new fancy suburb or apartment complex.” I talked The Driver into taking the road. Well the ‘fancy suburb’ was a cemetery. Amazing.
A couple of pictures of it. See what I mean?
They look like houses they are so big
Continuing on down the road going to Los Limones
I like these cacti
Now the road in to Los Limones.
Sorry Willie
This turned out to be a very small town. Four or five dirt roads leading off one main one. A couple of the homes there. Lots of cactus and flowering trees though.
Pretty colorful home

Lots of plants around it
Another road in town guarded by mama cow.

Slow Down
Don’t bother me. Can’t you see I’m taking a nap.
Why is this one outside of the fence?
But Ma Ma!!!!

A couple of the town children just out of school - they wanted to practice their English. It was pretty good.

And the road out of town.
How can they keep anything clean with all the dust.
The air was hazy with the dust blowing. Very strong winds all day.
Then almost back to the main road we passed this pickup with these guys in it. The driver was laughing as I took this picture. Probably thinking GRINGO
Has this pickup loaded
Then secondary school was just letting out - different kind of kids. I remember once when I was reviewing a Head Start program and called the little ones kids. The teacher went balistic on me - "They are children. NOT goats." Never made that mistake again.
Also remember seeing a sign once while driving through the countryside "Kids for Sale." Sounded like a smart move to me.
Went back to Jennie and ate lunch then back into the central area for some shopping.
Very busy corner
I don’t know how he always manages to find parking not far from where we are going. It is a really busy section of town. 
3 Hermanos is a big shoe store chain
We, of course, stopped at the big Central Market – Bill got a couple of nice polo shirts with pocket for about US$9.00 each. But I didn’t find any thing for dinner
No. I don't think so - not today anyway

Cut me off that hunk right there.
Oh! No! Found another yardage store. Had to buy some of the cotton for US$1.10 a yard!

Got three yards each of a whole bunch of it – this is just a sample.
So Pretty
Then we bought some very Mexican print material for a different quilt.
Some of that and some of that and.....
Back outside heading towards the car this looked really good.
The watermelon really looked good
Then to the grocery store where we picked up a few more DVD movies at about US$6 each. After I fixed dinner – for the THIRD night in a row – we watched Along Came Polly It was kind of cute but gross in parts.
So that brings me up to today…….This guy was sitting outside watching me this morning.

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