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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New friends and an evening out in Plaza Machado

Tuesday a.m.
Not too much to write about happening the last couple days. Saturday afternoon after returning from La Noria we did go to the District Historico to exchange a shirt at the Central Market – got the wrong size. Since they tore up the sidewalks a few weeks ago to put the wiring underground they have been repaving the sidewalks. Much nicer to walk on
Repaving the sidewalks
While shopping Willie was getting washed. It is amazing how clean they can get him with just one bucket and one rag. This guy recognizes us as we come down the street and never fails to find us a place to park.
Clean Willie
He has his hands full – that is a really nice cake in his left hand and he was trying to catch a bus. Hope he made it to where ever he was going.
Careful now
Just a nice shadow on the front of the Cathedral.

Then we went to lunch in the Plaza Machado. Both had Italian Salads at Beach Burger and watched the people go by. While there we met a couple from Phoenix, AZ who were in Mazatlan for their first time. Invited them to tool around town with us for a while. Went out towards the harbor for the views then into the Golden Zone to check out the shops. Into the shell museum to see the fountain and found this guy – kind of cute.
Pond decoration
Then we walked out on to the beach – no tourists and no vendors – way too cold today.
Where is everybody?
Dropped them off at their hotel just out the road from the RV Park and invited them to join us Sunday night at the Plaza but they were going to watch the SuperBowl.
Already posted about Sunday – cooking and blogging during the day. About 6:00 we headed for the Plaza for dinner. Not much of a sunset – not worth taking photos of anyway. It wasn’t quite as cold as it has been but was wearing long sleeved t-shirt, another long sleeved shirt over it and my fleece vest. We knew we were early for the Plaza but there was NO ONE there. Weird. All the Gringos were watching the game and it was too cold for the Mexicans. We ate at Le Bife the Argentine restaurant - finally. Angelica our friend from here joined us for dinner. She brought us a delicious cake she had just made. Smelled so good. Bill and Angelica had Bife de Chorizo - New York steak and I had grilled Salmon. The meals were very good. Bill said his steak reminded him of food he had eaten in Argentina. We all enjoyed our meals. More expensive than most restaurants here though.
Just as we finished eating our new friends from Arizona arrived. So we all adjourned down the Plaza a ways to listen to Rafael Rodriguez sing and play. Had a margarita and enjoyed the rest of the evening. The Driver even ended up dancing a tango. His partner was a Doctor from Culiacan.

Very enjoyable evening. That is until we got a call from our youngest that he had slipped and broken his arm. Kind of think he was a little "out of it" when he called. Hopefully its not too bad and will heal fine.
Monday we didn't do much of anything. Just went to the grocery store for staples and enjoyed yesterdays cooking efforts. Especially Angelica's cake.

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