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Monday, February 21, 2011

Trying to Save a Whale

More Monday a.m.  The Whale Tale
Sometime after we left for Tepic and before we got back to the beach a small whale managed to beach itself.

Boat and People in the water
 As we pulled down on the beach we could see a commotion in the water. There was a fishing boat close to shore and a whole lot of people out in the water. Some were running back and forth between the crowd and the boat.

When we parked Bill asked what was going on. He was told that a whale was stuck in the sand. So of course I had to pull my shoes off, grab my trusty camera and head out there.

Keeping the whale wet and out to sea
 As I got closer I could see that the people were trying to push the whale to deeper water (the tide was coming in) but with no success. The ones at the boat brought a big rope to the whale – tied it to him and the boat tried to pull him out as people pushed. The rope broke.

The rope broke
 I got a little closer trying to keep my clothes dry but a bigger wave came in so….any way this is about as close as I got. You can see the whales back and dorsal fin.

And here you can see his tail.

In the mean time everyone around him was trying to keep him wet and as far from shore as possible.
Eventually another smaller boat came and between the two of them they managed to pull the whale out into deeper water and get the ropes off him.

The two boats working together
 Haven’t seen him since.
I hope he is swimming happy with his friends and remembers the people of Playa Mantanchen who cared so much about him.

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