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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday a.m.
Friday last week. (good grief that was almost a week ago - where have the days gone?) Tom’s fourth day here – was not a good day. We picked him up for breakfast around 11:00 and went to Panama downtown in the Zona Dorada. He enjoyed it – a good Mexican breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. Thought it sounded good until they were in front of me. {they were good – just my stomach wasn’t}Ended up leaving all but a couple of bites of it. Bill had French Toast – a different way. The bread was dipped in like a crape batter then fried. So it was like eating a bread inside a crape. I like it the time I had it.

From there we just went around the corner to the shopping and hotel and beach section of the Zona. Walked around for a little. Really dead there as no boats and the weather was cloudy and pretty cool. We were about the only people walking around which made us prime targets for the jewelry and time share salesmen. Not even many people out on the beach. More vendors than tourists.
We did go over to the shell museum and showed Tom the beautiful shell fountain on the second floor. I posted several pictures of it last year but here is a section of it.

And Jeni these are for you – just ideas - random shells as a wall hanging.

And a wall hanging painting of tiny shells

A closer look.

Then we took him by the big mosaic mural on the convention center. I posted about it last year too but had to include another picture of it this year too. It was designed by a 17 year old high school student. It is 80 feet high and 3-dimensional. Breathtaking.

Then we dropped Tom off –by then I was sick enough to go to the doctor.
Luckily was a 24-hour clinic near the campground. English speaking doctor and male nurse. Gave me a shot and prescriptions for four different kinds of pills. One for parasites, one for bacteria and two to keep the other two from bothering my stomach.
They have finally worked – I feel human today. Almost a week later.
Saturday we didn’t do much of anything. Drove over to the Malecon to watch the divers but there were none. Hardly any vendors either – maybe we were too early. Or not enough tourists or the weather was too cool. So instead we showed Tom the condos we had looked at a couple of weeks ago – right across the street from the ocean. The view from the 7th floor is to die for – even though neither Tom nor I could go out on the balcony and look over. They are really nice – two and three bedroom, laundry room, 2 baths, kitchen and living dining area. Nice common areas too. The higher you go the more they cost. I think they have a web site – The Vue.
By then I was done. Dropped him off to amuse himself and back to bed for me.
Sunday – We had promised him we were going to take him to a real Mexican Sunday market place in the Juarez section of Mazatlan. So we did. Luckily we got a good (almost the same) parking place right in the middle of all the activity. Again the car wash/watching guy had an orange cone blocking off the space, when he saw Willie he started waving his wash rag at us and moving the cone. I think Tom was surprised that we had reserved parking. The streets were crowded with people carrying bags, kids, umbrellas and boxes of food stuffs.

This is a regular shopping area during the week. Lots of clothing, hardware, video, cell phone and shoe stores are permanent fixtures there.

one of many stores
Then on Sundays it turns into a huge flea market that sells everything from fish

fish and shrimp for sale
to detergent.

selling: beans, juice, detergent, milk and cookies

And any kind of food to snack on – from cotton candy to Diablitos (don’t know what they are but they smelled HOT!

And BBQ’d meats.
smells so good
Whole families are there both buying and selling. These kids are learning to be salesmen young.

There are about 30 square blocks of booths and stores – but we just made a quick trip around about four blocks. Then I had to go home.
This was the last time we saw Tom as he left the next afternoon and I was too sick to get up and go say good bye.
By Tuesday afternoon I was finally starting to feel better. Fixed chicken and noodles for dinner and felt much better after eating. Slept really good last night and this morning I felt human. Ate something and then went to grocery store. Continued to feel good all day, just get tired really quick. Fixed steak and baked potatoes for dinner tonight. Plan on going to bed early as tomorrow we are going to La Noria again.
It feels so good to feel good! You don’t really appreciate good health until you get sick. And I’m still taking the rest of my pills.
This is last nights sunset – a little different shot. Next time I’ll know to focus on the distance first.

Something really weird is going on. The last few nights between about 6:15 to 7:30 we can’t get into AOL. We can get on line with IE – but it also moves so slow during that time period. It’s not our satellite hook up – can’t figure it out. Unless the huge microwave tower next to us – belongs to the Navy – is doing something during that time.
I haven’t done my parasailing either I’ve been sick or its been too windy or cold. Maybe I should try zip lining instead??? We're going right by a zip linning place today......
It was windy enough yesterday that Bill got three of his kites up for a while. All the guys in the park were out watching them fly. And a couple of the dogs were going crazy looking up and barking at them. Fur on the back of their necks standing up. Perros locos.

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