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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Huichol Beaded Art

In our trips to PV we’ve discovered there are four places that sell the Huichol beaded and thread art. Every time we go there we go in them and drool. Such magnificent work they do. The cactus is about three feet high.

This animal is about 24 inches high.

A close up of the bead work.

The beads are placed one by one in bees wax that has been spread on a ceramic or paper Mache form. They demonstrated by putting some wax on my finger nail and adding the beads –

took about 30 seconds for him to finish. Notice the outfit.

We asked and he told us it took his wife about six months to embroider the shirt – about a year to finish one outfit – including pants and belt. In this picture he is working on an iguana.
Earlier he had been working on a small horse - partly done
You can see the strings of beads behind it.

He puts the beads on pins to hold them so he can press them into the wax.

The designs on the figures are all symbolic designs. Part of their religion. Most of them start with a peyote bloom. They use the plant in their celebrations. It is very hard to find and grows up in the mountains of Mexico – a baby plant.

Bill has spent quite a bit of time talking to the Huichols who are doing the work. And they’ve explained to him how it is done. So – guess what the next hobby will be? One of the Huichol men offered to take us to the place where they buy their supplies. Walking over there.
The store.

So we are now the proud owners of pounds of beeswax,

many, many strings of perfectly sized beads of many colors and several forms to place them on.

Both the men and the women work with the beads – they also make exquisite jewelry.

I got a Day of the Dead doll – with beaded skirt and sombrero – she’s about 10 inches high.

A close up of her head and hat

Going to post this now -We are probably leaving Lo de Marcos tomorrow (but not sure) If we do we will probably be without Internet for a while (unless I can get ahold of tech support and get it fixed - ha ha) So will write more when I get a chance.

This is my 2nd post today so keep scrolling down for the other.

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