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Monday, February 22, 2010

Up the mountains to Guadalajara

Cannot believe it – it was so freaking cold in here this a.m. had to turn on the heater. Then I noticed we’d left the driver’s side window open. Dah. But it is much cooler here at 5000 feet.
Well it is Monday and we’re in Guadalajara at the same campground we stayed in last year. Only this year we managed to get in the front sites that has 30amps. So we can actually run the microwave and make coffee at the same time. And we have cell phone service. We have internet for 100Pesos for both laptops for three days. We are pulling off of the dish of a Texan who makes extra money that way while traveling here. Oh well – better than not having it. Which is good ‘cause I can’t get ours to work yet. Still have to call the satellite dish people. One frustration at a time. Talked to Hughes.Net and finally got so frustrated I hung up on them. I’m sorry but the accent of the person I was talking to was so bad I couldn’t understand a thing and he couldn’t understand me. Had to have told him six or seven times that the set up was on a motorhome and that we were in Mexico. When he told me he was going to send a technician to the house in Indiana – I blew it. To make the story short – he claims there is nothing wrong with the Hughes.Net connection it must be the dish. Fine – GOODBYE!
The drive from Lo de Marcos to here was a long 164 miles. I really don’t like it when we take Mexico 200 up the mountains towards the toll road. All steep grades and many hairpin turns. At least it was Sunday and there weren’t so many trucks on the road. Then the toll road into Guadalajara – another US$50. Once into Guadalajara we got on the Periferico (the ring road and this time I didn’t miss it) then on to the road south to the campground. Found it with no problems but the road into it is still narrow cobblestones with BIG trees almost in the middle of it.
Got settled in and went across the road to Applebee’s for lunch. Then to Wal*Mart still looking for an electric razor for Bill. We’ve about decided that the men here don’t use them. To get back to the campground we had to drive 3.5 miles east into Guadalajara – back under the Periferico we came in on and further up the road to find a way to cross the road so we could go west to the campground. All the streets that used to cross it are not blocked off with cement pillars. Go figure.
About our visit to Ajijic and with Jeff later.

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