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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last days in Aticama - San Blas

Still trying to catch up – Post 3 today - Our last couple of days in Aticama we just messed around the area. Went into San Blas to walk around. This time we found the Municipal Building and discovered these murals – depicting the Huichol.
The figures are bigger than life size

Also went back to Central Market to buy some produce, milk and eggs. Bill wanted to make buñuelos – kind of a fritter thing with apples and bananas. Yum. (No pictures ate them too fast.) The milk came in little cartons that can be kept on the shelf and not refrigerated. The eggs were not in a carton – but the grocer very nicely made a carton for them so we could get them home in one piece.
One day we went to a farmer’s market in another town south of there. Not much to see – mostly toys, clothes and kitchen items for sale. Only one produce stand but we got some good tomatoes. Then we saw these guys – so cute. So colorful.

The same place also had baby bunnies and ducks and little turtles like we used to be able to buy in the U.S. years ago.
Couldn’t resist taking pictures of these flowers. The flowers here are so pretty and so many different kinds.

And this is a yaka tree – look closely and you can see the fruit right next to the trunk.

Coming back through Aticama we stopped to watch the children perform in the Plaza.

These little ones were too small to dance but they dressed up.
And that’s about it for the San Blas/Aticama area.
Headed towards Lo de Marcos about 60 miles south. That’s where we are now.

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