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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday in Lo de Marcos

New header added. And 2nd post for today.

Spent most of yesterday, Ash Wednesday, here in Jennie – it POURED rain most of the day. The one good thing about it was it cooled down quite a bit. Bill cooked some of his “famous” tiny white potatoes. Yum they are so good. And smell so good when they are cooking.

One time when the rain let up I ran outside and took some pictures of the birds in the pond behind us. Three different kinds that I can see – but cannot identify expect for the Garza – the white one.
Elegant isn't it?

Later in the evening we decided to go into town to the restaurant we found the other day and have dinner.
There are about eight tables outside too - very small place.

We wanted to get there a little early so there would be a table. When we turned the corner we found the street lined from corner to corner with cars….What? Well it was Ash Wednesday the little outdoor church across from the restaurant was having a service.

It was packed.

Found a place to park and watched the service for a bit then got a table before the restaurant filled up.
This morning before leaving for PV again we stopped and left the dirty clothes at the laundromat in town.
This RV park has a washer but no dryer.
Next post I'll finish up about PV - I think. Maybe later....

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