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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nuevo Mazatlan

February already. Time flies. We’ve been on the road 81 days – sometimes it seems longer – depending on how small Jennie feels that day. Actually it is working out okay with living in her. We’ve got cooking and clean up down. We both have “our” areas. Mine is mostly the dinette – Bill has his chair and computer and reads on the bed. So we can get out of each others way if we feel like it. And thank goodness the air conditioner in Jennie is working very good. Most days it’s been in the 80s and sometime between midnight and dawn it goes down to 50 something at night which is nice. We noticed that it is colder here at the campground then it is in the Plaza Machado – sometimes as much at 12 degrees difference at night. Over there we are comfortable in shirt sleeves but here need a jacket.
Today is starting out strange, very cloudy and a very cool wind. In fact I think I’ll close the window as I’m getting cold sitting here.
Haven’t done a whole lot last couple of days. Both Sat and Sun evenings we went to Plaza and listened to the music. During the day just keep busy stuff. Went to Home Depot to check out a “Propane Detector” (ours went crazy and wouldn’t stop screaming.) No problem except with its innards so had to disconnect it. Any way found one in HD – over US$100 – think we will keep looking. We did find Citronella candles though – need them at night here if we want to sit out.
Did take a drive north first out by the Cerritos area campgrounds. There are a few small fishing boats there and a couple of restaurants and shops.

Same stuff that is for sale everywhere.

And the only language we heard spoken was English. Then we went out towards what is called Nuevo Mazatlan where the big Emerald Bay resort is.
Entrance to Resort.
Some serious topes in front of it.

Passed over these and continued on up the dirt road. Came upon some really nice homes built right on the beach.
A few of the houses and some of the lots were for sale

Even found one really big one – like a compound - that had guards at the gate. When we slowed down they got really interested in us. Moved on quickly.The road continued on through the bush but we turned around. Getting to that point we had to drive over a wooden bridge that had parts missing. Fun.

Especially the creaking and cracking from under us as we slowly drove over it.
I’ve been playing with the beads a little. The needles I got are shorter than what I’m used to so I keep losing the beads I’ve picked up. And the thread is much finer – it is like really really fine fishing line – a nylon type. And I can’t see it. So much fun threading a needle with a tiny hole with thread I can’t see. Need a magnifying mirror like I have at home. But it is still fun.
Backed up my computer yesterday – try to do it the end of every month. Probably should do it more often but….Wouldn’t want to lose my pictures and info about the trip. I often wonder what the life expectancy of an external hard drive is? I’m I backing up for northing if both drives decide to go? Maybe I should look into doing something on-line.
Bill got his hair cut yesterday by Luis, the older gentleman who comes through the campground a couple of times a week. It looks good – he says maybe he’ll let it grow a little for a while so he can comb it. And that’s about all the news that’s not news.

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