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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visit to Tepic

Our time spent in Aticama was kind of a misadventure – the second day we were there –while we were in Santiago Ixcuintla the satellite went out – don’t know why – maybe because the power kept going out all the time – or maybe somone tired to use it and ???
Still haven’t got it fixed – but it might be the receiver cord?? What ever that is. Will have to wait until I can be on phone same time as I’m trying to reconnect.
Playa Amor RV Park was an interesting place to stay. Right on a busy highway with traffice 24/7. And it seemed like half of that traffic was vehicles with loud speakers touting everything from fresh fish to gas. And Bill says the showers were cold water only. [note in book - don't go back]
Drove up the mountains to Tepic one day. Nice drive through the plantations and mountains. Very curvey road - The Driver said he was getting dizzy by the time we reached Tepic. Beautiful views and lots of lush tropical vegetation. Noticed that the bananas get bagged before they are harvested – interesting. I always feel like they grow upside down.
Passed this guy on the road – wanted to ask him if he needed any more to carry.
That is some kind of spray equipment he is carrying - see a lot of these guys but don't know what they spray. Will have to ask.
As we entered Tepic we saw a Jeep dealer and pulled in as the window on the tail gate had decided not to lock – had it tied down with a bungee cord. They took it in right a way and fixed it. Really nice dealership – great waiting room. Even coffee.
Waiting room - saw a paper and found out the Colts lost - no joy in Indianapolis that day.
Cost about 30 bucks to get the lock fixed and now it is fine. We were there less than an hour. Try this in the states.
Just past the dealer we saw these pieces of unexpected art. This is the center piece for a long wall.
There were four of these guys on top of an empty building. Just thought they were interesting. That's one of the things we really like about being in Mexico - the unexpected things you see.
From there we went downtown and parked and walked around for a bit. Always have liked the plaza there. There have been some changes since last year. Now the Huichol are not set up in the arcades of the plaza but are selling their wares on a side street that is foot traffic only. And there are more of them.
Must have been about 20 tables set up along here. Dolls, jewelry and pictures.
As always drooled over their bead and yarn/thread work. And admired their clothing –
It is all hand embroidered.
The mens outfits are fancier then the womens. This guy even had his purse/bag to match. it's by his knees Then we walked through the central market which was in the same area. Selling pig something.
Tried to find some DVD movies but nothing we wanted. Had lunch in a KFC – pretty good. It was small but had two floors and was busy. Very clean. Cooks with caps over their hair and a bottle of sanitizer available.
We went back to the Huichol area and ended up buying a couple of the yarn/thread pictures. They are made by pressing the thread into bee’s was to make the design. A close up to see the thread.

We bought these

On the way back to the car we passed this shoe store –
And next to us was parked this very fancy SUV – check out the emblem on the gas cap. Hum????
By now the weather was changing – getting darker, threatening rain and once into the mountains the fog was rolling in.

Once we dropped in elevation it was fine though. Passed by many fruit stands – they are so colorful – remind me of still life pictures.

The big funny looking green things are called “yaka” they are a type of jackfruit – had to look that up on the web. The inside pulp is very good – kind of a mixture of tastes – banana, pineapple, kiwi etc. But it has to be eaten right away or it goes bad and stinks!
Have been beading too – finished one necklace – boy was I out of practice!

Still have lots more catching up to do - will try to add more today or???

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