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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Road Trip to Guadalajara

Thought I’d add a couple of pictures of the road trip from Lo de Marcos to Guadalajara. As I said part of the trip was on MX200 which is a twisty turny road. The part we were on up to the turn off to the toll road in Compostela is has the steepest grades and the sharpest turns but at least it has shoulders. This is right before one of the hairpin curves going up hill.
Tells you something about the curve - lots of candles lit there.
From Compostela we were on a toll road that is pretty good. At one point we pulled off to enjoy the view
Quite a view - sugar cane growing country
While there this guy went by. Both trailers are 53” long.

How they can drive these on some of these roads is beyond me. And they slow down for no one and nothing.
Then went through a little town where there were a couple roadside restaurants. Lots of trucks pulled over. Then I noticed that on both sides of the road were people washing the trucks – good deal food and a truck wash. Using buckets and rags.

Oh I forgot to mention – Bill finally found his electric razor – in of all places a little store in Ajijic. As we passed it Jeff said, “This little store has Every Thing.” So we went in and sure enough they had two razors.

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