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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On The Road South

We left Aticama on Saturday morning around 8:30 – got in Lo de Marcos around noon – only a 60 some mile drive. Most of the way it was a good road and a very pretty drive. Through lots of – for lack of a better word – jungle.

Tree tunnels, multi colored flowered trees, morning glory vines of all colors over the bushes.

Coming around one corner we found a big truck with guys on top cutting the growth back.

Every once in a while we’d catch a glimpse of the ocean.

Passed people in the middle of nowhere standing by the side of the road waiting for the buses.

Went by this guy – guess he is another one of the guys who sprays? things? for things?

Lots of fruit stands

and this one place that sold BIG slingshots – see the woman walking. What would you want to shoot that took that big of a slingshot. I think I’d run from it instead of shooting it and taking the chance of pissing it off.

The only bad stretch of road was going through a couple of little towns right before joining with the main road MX200.

Here is a lady setting up to sell breakfasts and just beyond her are watermelons waiting to be sold.

And this stand is selling white beans by the bag.

Once on 200 it was smooth sailing to Lo de Marcos.
More later on the campgrounds here.

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