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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Well we have been without Internet service for over a week so will have a lot of catching up to do – will break it up into sections.
First off my “w” key on the laptop doesn’t want to work so good anymore so if you find a strange word – put a “w” in front of it and it might make sense. Actually it might be my finger that doesn’t want to work and not the key
Saturday the 6th bright and not real early we left Mazatlan and drove a little less than 200 miles south to Aticama. Again we took the toll road – I thought the last stretch was expensive – ha! Most of this part is fairly new and looking back at my records I see the toll has really gone up – in the newest section from about 130 Pesos three years ago to 438P now – but now the entire road is done. As always it’s an interesting drive. Leaving Mazatlan we got behind this Volkswagen bug – he was creating his very own smoke screen.

And this guy at a stop sign – climbed up on the truck to wash his window and then give directions.

Have to laugh –a few miles out of any half way good sized town you pass a bunch of motels along the highway – “no tell motels” we are told.

The “macho man” is alive and well – his wife is married he is not. Hummmm actually Bill says that a lot of time…..
Before I forget it – the price of gasoline keeps going up – three times since we’ve been here – from 7.72 pesos per liter to 7.99 now. But…the peso has been changing to the better – so dollar wise it is about the same US$2.38 per gallon.
Along the highway we passed the street sweepers and painters.
Broom and wheelbarrel

At least now they wear reflective uniforms so you can see them. But some are still cutting back the brush with machetes. And this stretch of the road has emergency telephones every so many kilometers – solar powered no less.

Lots of farming going on in this area. Mango orchards, corn, tomatoes, tobacco and agave. And where the land is still wild the vegetation is really pretty this year. Very green with lots of different flowering trees and vines.

Even the good roads have topes every once in a while – the only reason we could see for them was to slow the traffic down so the vendors could sell you their tamales de camaron (shrimp tamales) and camaron seco (dried shrimp.)
On coming traffic slowing down for a tope
Just a few of the vendors

Got off Mexico15D and took the same road we were on almost exactly 32 years ago into San Blas [also drove it in the car three years ago.]

Since 30 years ago there are more little villages – with topes and people selling cut up fresh fruit at all of them.

And lots more farming - mangos, bananas and sugar cane.
Turned off just before San Blas and headed towards the beach at Aticama.

We’re staying at Playa Amor RV Park. Barely 15amp electricity, water and sewer for about US$13 a day. In the week we were there the electricity went off at least once a day. (I wonder if that is what screwed up the Internet connection.-more about that later.) The parking is on grass and the landscaping is pretty.

We’re facing the ocean but not on it. There is a big sea wall and lots of rocks between us and the water.

Found out that there used to be a beach there but came a big hurricane and no more beach. But it is a pretty sight.

The satellite went up and locked on fine and we had two bars on the phone when we got here. [neither lasted] The owner says if we want to run the air conditioning it is another 50 pesos a day – lovely. So Bill dug the fan out and the windows are kept open. Most of the day there is a nice breeze. All but a couple of the other RVs here are from – one guess – Canada. And they are all friends.
After settling in we drove back to San Blas to go to the central market to get lettuce and tomatoes. Also to find an ATM – found a bank easily enough. And we both forgot that San Blas streets are mostly all one-way – and two or three in a row will be going the same direction – so by the time you finally find one going the way you want to turn you forgot where you wanted to go. Ended up twice going the wrong way without realizing it. Some of the streets are marked with arrows telling the directions – others you have to guess about. On one street a police truck passed us –they just looked at us didn’t do anything. Probably used to estudipo gringos. We were trying to get to the central market to buy lettuce and tomatoes. Finally found a place to park walked to the market it was already closed! But did find a produce store – right across the street from where we had parked.
Now when we buy produce from the little stands we have to make sure to sanitize it.
Then on the way back to the RV park we stopped and bought banana bread.
This area is famous for it. And it is delicious. For those of you who read Ms. Tioga and George’s blog this is where he usually hangs out – but right now he is traveling further south so we missed meeting him. Did see his friend Weng’s house up on the hill.

So now we have left Aticama gone a little more south to Lo de Marcos about 1/2 hour drive north of Puerta Vallarta. Been here two days and in our 2nd RV park. Still no satellite internet but park has good wi-fi. Will try to catch up tomorrow or maybe later tonight. We are fine - have no phone service here.

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