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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remembering - 32 years ago today

Before I write any more I wanted to share this - 32 years ago today we were in Mexico City. Today is "The Day of the Army" well it was then too and we had quite an adventure - check it out - http://www.movingon1.com/mexicocity2.html#army

Just some more ramblings about Puerto Vallarta
100 days on the road today. Both Thursday and Friday we drove into PV. Thursday a.m. was beautiful. Bright blue sky, sunshine and not too hot. Off we went to get some more beeswax and colors of beads that we didn’t get before. Parked in the underground parking we’ve discovered. Keeps Willie from getting so blasted hot inside – and it is always almost empty. Guess people use taxies and buses to get around instead of cars. There was another cruise ship in – so again lots of tourists out and about. Seems like every other store is selling, time shares – tequila or Cuban Cigars. I talked about the guys trying to pull you in – here they are just waiting.

As we walked along we passed the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant – couldn’t resist this picture of “Bubba Driver.”

This time we walked around the main plaza. From it you can see the big church – I find the tower very interesting – it is a copy of the crown of Queen Victoria – Hum?

Also found a nice stained glass window

and the ever present shoe shine people.

Some of the buildings we passed – this hotel has been in operation since 1948 – before PV was “discovered.”

Some of the stores – purses for sale –

silver stuff for sale – what I want a silver colored Mickey Mouse – oh yah.

And a walking store – want to buy a hat?

Puerto Vallarta is very narrow along the Malecón only a few blocks are level then things start going up steep hills.

On MX200 just outside of town the underpasses are getting painted – find the colors interesting.

Later more about the Huichol beaded art - love it.

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