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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Today later we’ll be moving to Ajijic but its only 40 miles away so will wait awhile before we hit the road. We are thinking about going back towards Guadalajara and taking the Periférico across to the Chapala road rather than going down from here and having to go through Jojotepec again. Zillions of topes and VERY narrow streets there.
Yesterday we went to Tequila – finally got to tour a couple of tequila factories? distilleries? The ride over was nice passed through miles and miles of blue agave fields.

Saw a lot of trucks piled high with the agave bulb or “pineapple” heading down the road.

The road into the town is called the “Ruta del Tequila”

and the town announces itself with a big sign.

One of the first things we saw was this neat statue just as we entered the town.

We both said the same thing at the same time. “boy has this town grown since we were here 32 years ago. The streets are still cobblestone and narrow but the town itself is now one of the Pueblos Magicos so a lot of restoration and clean up has been done.
Passed the main plaza and the church that was built in 1821.

Then turned down a street and there at the end were the gates to Jose Cuervo!

Was this the street we drove into years ago?
Saw a couple of interesting things on that street. A lot of the iron work for gates, grills and decorations is done with the agave theme.

And where there is reconstruction going on the front of the building is covered with a big canvas of what it will look like when it is done.

Saw a couple of these – good idea. Probably has something to do with the Pueblo Magico thing.
We parked in a lot for people who were going to take the tour of the Jose Cuervo place – if you took the tour there would be no charge for parking. Of course it was about six blocks from the center of town and the Cuervo tour. Oh well walking is good for us. If only it wasn’t on such uneven cobblestones. How do these people keep from breaking their ankles or legs?
Walking into the center of town we passed the private Cuervo gardens – didn’t know they were private – the gate was open and we went in.

Wow – all kinds of formal plantings and cactus and many many bronze (bronze look) statues. I’m impressed. They were setting up for a private party of some sort. Finally someone told us where to go – NO – where to go to find the tickets for the tour.
As we came out of there we saw this red pickup with the bed full of the bulbs of the agave

and guys with red bandanas on their heads picking the bulbs up and carrying them into another very fancy building.

[more about them when I go into the tour]
We checked and the tour of Jose Cuervo wasn’t till 3:00 so we had a few hours to waste – what to do? Well we walked around a little – back over by the church. Just another view. And then we saw the marriage bans posted.

Found another statue of a man trimming the leaves off of the agave bulb.

They use the same shovel type thing to dig them out of the ground.
There are all kinds of tours of different places here are a couple of the vehicles used to transport the wide eyed tourists.

Thought they were funny.
Because we had time to waste we took another tour – just rode in a regular trolley type car though. Again will go into the tour later – After that we stopped to eat at this restaurant.

Right on main square across from – what else? – the Cuervo place. I got iced tea – the weirdest I’ve ever seen. Kind of light green in color – tasted fine once I added sugar and lime. Think it was green tea. Had delicious salads. But need to shave one of the menu items with you. Take a good look at the picture.

That is agave worms! They suggest a tequila drink with them. I’d need more than one I think.
Well The Driver wants to get on the road so I'll close for now - but have lots more to post - especially about the tours. Until later.

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