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Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Monday

Still screwing around with the satellite – still getting no where quick. It just won’t lock on to a signal –
We drove down to Ajijic today and visited with my cousin Jeff for a while. He took us to an Argentine restaurant for lunch – YUM – delicious and too much food. Bill asked if the owner was Argentine – “No”, was the answer. Well is the cook Argentine? Nope – both are Mexican. So now we are curious – where did they learn about Argentine cooking? Will have to investigate more.

When we were here in 2007 we stayed at an RV park just outside of Ajijic called La Garza – owned by a man named Hugo. At that time he was building houses in the park and using it for fiestas and was planning on building more houses there. So we thought that it was closed – But – while reading Church’s Camping Mexico book we noticed that they kind of included it as open still. So today we drove over to check it out. Well it is still an RV park. Hugo was there and remembered us. There are even more and better hookups there now and he says he has Wi-fi! So Wednesday we will drive Jennie down there to stay a while.
When we were there then we didn’t think much of Ajijic – thought it was just a one street town – the main street with some housing around it. Well today we discovered it is quite a big town and very interesting. Lots of neat places there. Art galleries, murals, old churches and good restaurants.

And of course Lake Chapapa

Tomorrow we are going to Tequila – the town of. That is one of the places we had an adventure in 1978 – http://www.movingon1.com/guadalajara.html We will never forget that visit. Hope tomorrows visit is much better.
While there Jeff gave me Sue Grafton’s newest book – “U” – so no more messing with the computer – going to curl up and read for awhile.

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