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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time in Lo de Marcos

Arrival in Lo de Marcos. This is where we stayed last year in that fantastic campground – the one that was better than any I’ve seen in the states – but was terrible to turn into – 90 degree right turn off of a very narrow street.
This year we got smart and took the car down there to check things out the day before we were planning to get there. No room at the inn – guess we just got lucky last year. They are booked full until the end of March.
So on to another place – found a nice one Pretty Sunset beach access – they had room, reserved it and arrived there the next day. US$25 – BUT, we found out after we settled in, if you want to use the air conditioning it was another 150Pesos (US$12) per every six hours. And we could not pick up their Wi-fi from our site. To get it had to walk up very rickety circular stairs to a roof with no electricity. I think NOT. Got in the car and went looking for another place. Found one right across the street – no beach access but we really aren’t beach people anyway. The new one Savage is small – about 15 spaces – the Wi-fi is very good. Moved to it the next morning.
Happy cool Jennie
If you’re only there three days the electric is free and you can run your AC as much as needed. If there longer than three days it is metered. There is a nice pool and laundry with washer only. Oops the clothes pins are in the Alfa. Oh well – there is a laundry in town. As always all but us and one other person here are from Canada. Here are a couple pictures of the place. Jennie in her spot. The community area and a picture of the bottom of the pool. Neat huh?

Last year in town they were rebuilding the main plaza, this year it is done and really pretty.

Lots of green grass – unusual to see and a nice mural on the backdrop of what looks like a stage.

Nights a lady sets up a churro stand right across from it. And next to it we found a nice little restaurant – can eat outside or in and the food is excellent. In fact Bill had lasagna the other night – it was the special of the day. Had to laugh one group came in and this must be their first trip to Mexico – they were taking pictures of the tiny lizards crawling on the wall. Tiny ones – about two inches long! They would have died if there was a big iguana pooping on them.
There is a great beach here – and mostly it’s empty of people.

There are some restaurants – more like bars along it. And it’s easy to reach from town. One day walking into town I took some pictures of things we saw – Right next to the campground there is a big pond or small lake – lots of birds there – Garzas (Ibis) and what ever this is and some smaller ones.
Now wasn’t that informative.
These guys are also our neighbors – the garza and the iguana sharing a wall.
Love this plant – there are several of them around here – but this one has its own growth.

The church – this was the church where I first saw the padre pull the rope to ring the bell. After that I noticed that most of them still have ropes. Up till then I thought it was recorded music. Dah!

One of the houses on the main street – religious people.

And another front of a house – notice there is no door – just a curtain.
Guess that is okay as the weather is supposed to be nice here all year. More on that later.
All hours of the day there are pickups and cars going by with their speakers blaring selling something. The vegetable truck is one of them. He blows his horn and tells about what he has for sale and the women come out to buy. Yes thoses are gringas from the big campground
Poor truck is about to collapse.
Bill cracks up when he hears some of them. “We have freshest watermelon – just cut seconds ago just for you. The best taste you ever had. Your life will be changed by this watermelon.” The shrimp truck “We have just come out of the ocean. Fish this morning, shrimp with or without head. So fresh it is jumping out of the truck. This is good for your problems.” The gas truck (propane) comes by early every morning – blowing his screeching horn and yelling GASSSSSSSSS! Never a dull moment - that is one of the jaring things about Mexico - the noise.
It’s rained two nights since we’ve been here. Thunder and lightening last night for a bit. In fact it is pouring and dark out right now. Clouds cover all the hills around us. A good day to catch up on the blog and the web page and maybe do some bead work.
Bill has just finished cooking a batch of tiny white potatoes – yum delicious.
We are not sure where we’ll go from here. South or inland. Probably inland first to Guadalajara then to see Jeff in Ajijic to give him his stuff. Then north to Tequila to visit the distilleries and maybe back to Mazatlan. Or … from Guadalajara to more inland to Guanajuato, Hidalgo and back towards Texas – just don’t know yet. There are a lot of towns in that area that are interesting that we haven’t been too.
It’s just getting too hot and humid for me.
More later on our visits into Puerta Vallarta.

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