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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking for the Coffee Plantations

Hum – a lot of the Canadians are already heading north – surly it isn’t warm there yet. It’s sure not in Indiana. But it is opening some spots in the RV Parks here along the ocean.
Back to our time in Aticama.
I overhead some people talking about a road up the hills through the coffee plantations. Thought it would be a neat trip so talked The Driver into going. First off I wasn’t sure of the directions – Just “past La Palma.” Okay there’s the road to La Palma right off the San Blas highway – goes in the right direction. “Turn here.” Passed a “warehouse for bananas being loaded into trucks.
Then through La Palma. Saw this gasoline station there.
The jugs on the wall are full of gas.
And then the guy on the motorbike delivering fresh tortillas.They are in the cooler on the back.
Lots of horse traffic on the road - maybe we should have paid attention to that.
Road was fine until we got to the town of La Bajada.
Then it got kind of narrow.

Just two tracks of cement in cobblestone. Maybe we should have had a clue when we saw these guys -

the local pick up truck.
Then the road got narrower

Stopped at the edge of town and asked it that road lead up the mountain to the coffee plantations. “Si, Si - adalante para arriba.” Yes, Yes, straight ahead up the hill. Okay – The Driver looked at me and told me they said keep going.
No more cement - just stones.
Well the road began to go alright – go away. The further we went the less road there was.
Finally when we saw all the guys with the machetes out in the trees ( they were chopping bananas) we decided we’d gone far enough. By then the road was just two tracks with tall grass between and low trees that were scraping Willie’s roof – did not look like this road was used much. Or at all.
Turned around and went back to RV. I think I should have asked directions – ‘cause there is no way the people I heard talking drove that road.
Took a couple of pictures of the jaibas [crabs] on the rocks in front of the campground and called it a day.
Wow my second post for today – maybe I’ll get caught up. Right now we’re getting ready to drive into Puerta Vallarta again.

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