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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Rain - Caravan came to Park

Rained off and on all day yesterday. Never really hard – just enough to make it icky out.
Around four in the afternoon we drove into town and went to the nice mall Gran Plaza. Had a little sign made for Willie’s back window – “I’ve Been Towed All Over Mexico” – written under a palm tree. Also walked around the mall some. Cannot get over all the high heeled shoes that are sold. And some are butt ugly! And lots of stores with formal gowns – most are beautiful – mainly for the 15th birthday celebration.
From there we went to a restaurant we’d been told about but had never stopped at. The name of the place is Fat Fish – but it is a steak and bbq rib place – go figure. By the time we got there it was starting to rain harder. By the time we left after eating the streets were flooded! If we’d been any later finishing we’d have had a very iffy drive home. It freaking POURED! At times the water was so deep we could barely make it through. And the deep places were hard to see – so a couple of them were a surprise and the water splashed up and about blinded us. Made for an interesting ride.
Back to the restaurant. We ate out on the patio which had a roof – that leaked – just a little – Every once in awhile a drop would come down and land on Bill’s leg. Kind of funny. The meals are two for one as are the drinks IF you order beer or margaritas – Cokes are one for one. Choice of meals are BBQ Ribs, Rib Eye Steak or Shrimp. Comes with salad, baked potato, garlic bread and cole slaw. We both ordered the ribs – YUM delicious. And a huge portion. In fact I still have enough left for lunch today. Including tip it came to 250 Pesos – at today’s exchange rate US$ 19.50. About US$15 without the tip. No wonder everyone raves about it. The only problem – well not a problem but…. It was full of gringos . The ribs and steak are cooked out on the patio on a big charcoal grill. The cook was kept pretty busy and I bet was glad for the cool breeze and rain. It must get really hot for him during regular weather.
Had to laugh at the people who finished eating and were trying to wave down a bus or taxi to take them home. No one wanted to go out in the street so everything just passed them by. Finally one guy braved it and got one of the pick-up taxies to stop – The only problem – they had to ride in the bed of the pickup which had a tarp over it but was open on the sides. I think they were probably wet by the time they got where they were going. We gave two guys a ride to their hotel out by where we were staying. They were glad for it. (Well maybe except for when Bill couldn’t see where he was going.)
At least we know that neither Willie or Jennie leak anywhere –
The birds in the trees behind us are really making noise today – reminds me of a jungle movie sound track. All kinds of weird noises.
Going to put our satellite down for now. There is a caravan of about 15 coaches that just came in and they all jumped on our internet. I need to get it password protected before we put it back up.

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