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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Puerta Vallarta

So far we’ve driven to Puerta Vallarta twice and are going again today. It’s about a 35 minute drive – if you don’t get stuck behind a loaded truck. Of course we leave the motorhome in Lo de Marcos in the campground and take the Jeep in. The road is good, smooth pavement, two- lanes, and lots and lots of curves and a few hills. This makes for an interesting ride as the double solid yellow line running down the middle of the road means nothing to the local drivers. If you are going slower (less than 60mph) you will get passed – on a curve, going up a hill or with a bus coming towards you. Makes no difference.
Enlarge that picture and take a good look - 3 cars going south on 2-lane road - 1 car coming at them.
So far haven’t seen any accidents – so they must be good at it. The vegetation comes right up to the edge of the pavement and hangs over a lot of it forming tree tunnels.

Very pretty drive. Then suddenly around Bucerias you find the ocean again. From there on the area is populated. The second time we went in there was a cruise ship in – the Sapphire Princess. (a different one in today) Across from it was a huge yacht – about 175 feet long with two decks above the main deck. Rough life.

And behind it was a good sized U.S. (Coast Guard ship. Both yacht and Coast Guard boat were gone today.)
Driving through this part of Puerta Vallarta (PV) is like driving through any US city on a beach. Highrises, hotels, two Wal*Marts, Mall, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Outback – well you get the idea. But finally the street turns to cobblestone and you’re in the old district – the Malecón – the tourist district. When a cruise ship is in it is wall to wall tourists.
The Malecon on the left - stores on the right - tourists everywhere
And all the independent vendors are out. Mostly painters setting up right on southern most side of the Malecón

I like strolling Malecón area. Except for being accosted every two feet by someone trying to sell you something. At all the businesses someone stands in the doorway and tries to get your attention. One of their favorite sayings is “Do you know that man who is following you?” Speaking to me referring to Bill. Or “There you are. I’ve been waiting all day for you.” “ Come friend, we have everything you want.” To Bill they say – cause he is wearing a hat –“Are you from Texas:” or today “Are you enjoying your cruise?” At first it’s kind of funny then it gets annoying. I heard a guy behind us talking to his wife say “They’re all your friends until you don’t buy anything.” People walking down the street with hats for sale – 15 to 20 of them piled on their head. “Psst! Want to buy a good bracelet? Cheap.” From a guy walking beside you. And he shows you a handful of bracelets that look like sliver.
Across the street from the shops is the bay. It is big – one of the biggest in the world.

Lots of boats out in it and lots of parasailors.
Last year there was quite a bit of sand art – this year there is only one sculpture. And probably with yesterday’s rain it is gone. Will have to check it today. – Went to look at it it was fine.

And someone has started to work on another one. Also some guy piled a bunch of rocks in an artistic manner.

I really like all the statues along the Malecón – discovered one we hadn’t seen before today. A dancing couple
Isn't it neat? Her dress looks like material.
– and the famous chairs and one of my favorites the ladder with the children on it.
This is one of the chairs - with feet

Stopped at McDonalds for lunch – tasted good just an ugly old hamburger and French fries. Then went to the Mega grocery store – The Driver found Swiss Cheese and real Mortadella cold cuts. Happy Days.
More random thoughts about PV and more pictures coming up.

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