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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2nd post today - just odds and ends

Wednesday p.m. already

Well lets see I’ve managed to make a couple of posts mostly of pictures but not keep up on what we are doing – nothing interesting actually. Time just seems to glide by.
The last few mornings have been really foggy and yesterday it lasted all day. This morning was beautiful and now it is foggy again. Everyone says the fog is very unusual for this area. Don’t remember seeing so much the last couple of years we were here. It is just here at the coast. We’ve gone into town a couple of times and it’s been nice and sunny there.
I mentioned that on Monday we went in to Huatabampo to find a new mouse for my laptop. Stopped at a couple of places before finding a wireless one. This is the first place we went - taken through a dirty windshield- they are called Papeleria they sell office supplies and stuff.

In retrospect I should have got one with a USB attachment then it wouldn’t have interfered with Bill’s wireless mouse. As it is if I use mine same time he is using his mine kind of overrides his. Slows his mouse’s reaction time way down.

We were also having problems with our ATM card. It didn’t want to work! Lovely. Been going on since Kino. Got a hold of the bank manager by e-mail (thank you satellite dish) He told us the bank put a “stop” on the card because of where it was being used. Well HELLO?? We told them we were going to be in Mexico for the winter. Dah. Also said we would have to CALL them to verify that we were using it. Of course no cell phone service here at the RV. So into town again we went so we could get a couple of bars on the cell phone signal. Called them (spent 10 minutes on “waiting for next available person”) at international roaming rates of course and now everything is okay. [Until next time.] Found out they did send us a letter to the house saying there was a stop on the card! Did us a lot of good at the house.
While in town at the Ley Supermercado - a big chain store they sell groceries, clothes, toys etc. kind of like a K-Mart.
we did find some little white potatoes so Bill could cook them with his fantastic recipe. Yum. And got a juicer so we can have fresh squeezed OJ. (see prior post)
There are only about eight rigs here in the campground. People from Canada, France, New York City and Boise, Idaho (see Lonnie they like it here.) Varied group.
Had supper at the El Mirador Restaurant the restaurant here at the campground last night. Bill had “some of the best” chili rellenos he has ever eaten.
He has been flying his kites – had three up at the same time today.

Barrel Kite with its Streamers

Fish Kite

All Three Kites in the Air
Everyone comes out to watch them. Got some video of the box one with its streamers and the new Fish one. Lots of nice wind this a.m.

Saw a rosettea spoonbill fly by this morning. Maybe later if the fog lifts we’ll drive out towards the wet lands to see if we can find him.
Bill with Enrique – the owner of the campground and several miles of beach front.

Not much else going on.

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