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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nearby River

Thursday –
Yesterday we took a drive over to a river that is just east of the road the campground is on. If some one hadn’t told us it was there we would never have know about it. We drove off over the hard packed red dirt towards a line of trees in the distance.

Through the trees we could see the water. Parked and got out and walked over for a better look. Wow! Just like being in a river jungle scene.
Lazy River
Lots of different birds. This one got mad when I took his picture. Guess I was infringing on his nap.
My Boat!  Go Away!
He refused to look up but I got his face anyway.

These guys were just enjoying the river.

And he has his lunch.
Lunch time
Then we noticed all the boats and fishermen.

One man would be working the pole to move the boat and the other would be throwing the net out.

A very peaceful scene.

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