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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fishermen and Divers

Friday morning – New Years Eve

Crap I went to bed with a cold and woke up with a sore throat. Bad news good news. Bad can’t do anything for a cold except ride it out. Good – antibiotics for a sore throat will cure it. Guess I’ll wait till later to see if it goes away by itself.
First some pictures of Las Jaibas RV Park – there are 150 spaces in the park. This is the back where we are – all by ourselves.
All by ourselves back here
And the front which every year we’ve come here has been full. There are only 25 rigs here this year so far. And no reservations.
Lots of empty spaces
This is one of the few parks where electric is included in the daily rate. If paid for a month the rate is US$16 per day. 
Wednesday mornings sunrise from Jennie

Later on we drove a little further north on the main road here to the Cerritos beach area. Hotels, shops and another RV park – of its 100 spaces only about 15 full and it is right on the beach. They charge about US$30 a day plus electric
Saw this sign right across the street from the RV park. How do they say “neigh” in a different language?
Found a parking space by the vendors/restaurants and walked to the fisherman’s beach area. It was a work as usual day for the fishermen.

A boat was coming in so the guys on shore got ready to take it out of the water. Bringing the wheels down to the water’s edge.

Basic boat trailer
Putting the wheels under the boat. Before putting the wheels under it they unload all the coolers, crates and buckets from it.
Putting the wheels under the boat - they had to keep moving them towards the rear of the boat as they brought it in.
Pushing and pulling it out of the water up on to the sand.

Putting it in it’s “parking place.”
Notice guy at bottom of pic in white t-shirt.  He is shopping.
I think the fishermen in Bahia de Kino have the better idea. Full speed ahead and drive it up on the sand. Wonder why they don’t do that here? Hum guess we’ll have to go back and have The Driver ask them.
One of the coolers from the boat. He is doing his shopping.
Which done do I want?
This one looks good.

Picked out a couple more and put them in the bag.

Weighing and paying for them. Fresh Fish – Just caught – Just for you to enjoy.

From the far north part of town we drove to the south side – the old original Malecón - beach tourist area where the cliff divers perform. For the heck of it we stopped and looked at a condo right across the street. Last year they were building it – this year they have a few of them done. The view is spectacular to say the least

The living room area and balcony. The floors will be 12 x 12 Mexican tile.

And this is the pool. Don’t think I could go in it though. Makes my knees weak just looking at it.

Not thinking of buying just like to look.
Across the street there is a big area where people can walk and in the evening there is free entertainment. And this lovely monument.

Golden Zone - Zona Dorada - in background
The Clavadistas – cliff divers - are there too. I think the stairs up to the dive platform are scarier than the dive.

You want me to climb those? and then do what?
The tradition started in 1961 when the first diver did it to win a bet. He is still diving. The platform is 45 feet high and the diving area is smaller than 45 square feet and at times less then five feet deep. Wind and ocean conditions need to be considered before every dive. It is fun to watch – a guy in a swim suit gets on the ledge whistles and acts like he is going to dive. When enough people gather he gets down and the real diver gets up and quickly dives. Have to be quick to catch it. More or less got it on video. You  have to look quick.

They were diving because a cruise ship was in. A view from top a hill of the ship in the harbor.
Last year three ships a day came in - maybe cause it is still the week between holidays it is slower.

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