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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Print Shop El Fuerte Part 3

Sunday afternoon – just posted one post so now will try and finish El Fuerte.

BTW – I got a new mouse, one with a USB wire. Went to the Office Depot here in Mazatlan. All kinds of choices available so I got an inexpensive one with a retractable cord. But now I’ve got to get a mouse pad – will find one in one of the ticky tacky shops here.

Back to finish El Fuerte
On the way back to our car in El Fuerte we stopped to glance into a print shop. The old man at the front desk looked up and invited us in to watch. In the back room were several ancient printing machines. Amazing. The whole shop area couldn’t have been 15 x 30 feet and of course no air conditioning. Probably hasn’t changed except for adding electricity since it was set up in the 1800s sometime. We watched this guy – working on a press that was made in 1899!!!! – It used to be treadle but has been converted to electric. He still has to feed everything into it by hand. He was doing a two-sided flyer with a company logo on it. It had to go through the press three times. Once for each side then again to add the logo.
Printing flyer - our friend Carol in the background
made in 1899 - belt goes to electric motor that was added

This is some very old type

This is a stack of 3-part forms that he is adding the glue to. The glue is the orange stuff and he is putting it on with a paint brush. There is a heavy weight on top of the stack
Putting the glue on

This is a trimmer- looks like you could lose a finger in it pretty easy. The wheel cranks the blades down.
They were very nice to let me take pictues but I feel funny doing it - now I wish I'd taken more and better ones.

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