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Sunday, December 26, 2010

El Fuerte Part 2

Sunday a.m.

Will start this now but finish it later as we need to go find another mouse for my laptop. The wireless one we bought the other day is the same brand as Bills so if I click my mouse button his moves. Makes it hard to play chess!
First off, just because it was so interesting, I’m going to add a couple more pictures of the hotel.
Love the hand painter borders

An old stove used as decoration - tile behind it
A hallway

One of the dining tables
Last year when we were here we took a ride on the river but we didn’t go down to the river to walk the malecon so this year checked it out. There is a nice walkway along the water for a couple of blocks. It is the El Fuerte River – the water comes from the mountains and flows to the Sea of Cortez.

Rio El Fuerte

The Malecon
Heading back towards town we spotted this old jeep. Drool Drool
Cobblestone street
And this matching pair –orange house and orange and blue truck. One of the things I like about Mexico are the colors.

Just some sights walking around town. Of course The Driver’s friend the churro man. He remembered us from last year. His churros are still some of the best we’ve eaten.
Churros cooking at the right side of pic
Churros cooking - they smell sooooooo good.
Looking in a window of one of the buildings that have been fixed and painted on the outside. They still have a long way still to go on this one.
No roof
And this one hasn’t been started yet.
Right next to a real nice home
This little girl had just been baptized – she got a Sponge Bob for a gift. There were several children coming out of the church. From infants to older children. All of them in dressy white clothes. Bill asked at what age do they get baptized and the mother told him from infants to older children. I was surprised – I thought they were usually babies.

Fancy shoes on Mom
From children to old men. He was sitting right downtown with his bike watching all the traffic going by.
Sidewalks are a couple feet above the road - flood precaution
And then we found this doggy – couldn’t resist. He was five months old. And he was shivering – it had to be 80 degrees out.
So tiny!
Earlier I mentioned Zorro – we returned to the hotel before we went back to the campground for Happy Hour to watch “Zorro”  sing for and dance with the customers.

Neat way to end the evening. Two for one drinks - Had to leave my 2nd margarita sitting on the table. Boo Hoo.
Going to post this then do another post about the print shop we were invited in. Amazing.

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