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Friday, December 17, 2010

Interesting sights on the beach

 Took a long walk on the beach Thursday morning - some of the colorful, different and interesting things I saw in no special order or importance.
Just a piece of branch with shadows. A bit of green and a piece of ribbon
An abandoned vendor cart.
Used to be the rear of a pick up truck
A bit of yellow rope
Looks like a monster with a face
Some colorful foam
Bubbles in the sunshine
This is for rent
Shade for a sunny day at the beach
Acolorful beach billboard
Saturday April 3rd
Little globs of jelly scattered around  - tiny jelly fish?
A lonely lemon all by itself on the sand
Lemon in the sand
An empty soda bottle - christmas label
Bubbles inside it
Bird and his reflection
Caught this guy as he took off
Bird, reflection and shadow
Just some old pilings
Pelican waiting
 Don'tknow what it is - just interesting
Bright color in the sand
Net of some kind
Saw this shell stand upright all by itself
The white caught my eye
Another strange thing laying on the sand
Like I said just some different things I saw while walking along the beach

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