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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Every Day Life in Huatabampo

The little potatoes The Driver made yesterday -
It was like this outside all day yesterday
crappy day at the beach

 Inside the Ley Supermercado - making tortillas  - flattened heading towards the heat

Coming out the other end - cooked    1 Kilo flour tortillas costs 6.50Pesos   1 Kilo corn tortillas 7.50  - there are about 60 flour tortillias in a Kilo The price of tortillas in the supermarkets is regulated by the government.
 Mr Office is where we bought my new wireless mouse - very long narrow store with all kinds of office stuff in it  But only one of each thing. One mouse, one laptop, one printer. They sell school suppies, paste, paper, pencils etc too. And they make copies - don't know why but there are zillions of copy places here. To the right of it is a little Church.
This is the main street of Huatabampo -  The church and plaza are at the end. Christmas decorations are up all over town. There is a bank on the right and a advertisement for cell phones on the left. Lots of parking.

This explaination goes with the picture below it - can't get it to go where I want it.....This intersection is right when we come into town from the beach. Notice the stop light - last year it worked this year it is just there. There are a couple of them like this in town. Don't know if they decided they didn't need them any more or if something went wrong with them and no one can repair them or if the lights just burnt out.

Non working stop light
This is a common sight. Someone on a bicycle pulling a cart sellling something. He is selling Mariscos - shellfish -
Drive careful
Every store has some of its merchandise hanging outside - so walking down the sidewalks is a zig zag course.
This is a pastery shop - pasteleria - they sell fancy cakes and deserts - not a regular bakery - a panaderia that sells bread and rolls.
Love the color
Then we found the Churro maker - had to drive around the block so we could stop and buy some. Fresh fried and hot. Delicious.

Churro maker - behind him is one of many pharmacies
 To the side of him also on the street is a hamburger/ hot dog stand.
Green sign is for hamburgers and french fries -  Hot Dogs are 10 Pesos - the lady and guy were watching Bill buy churros
After watching this man squeeze oranges for fresh juice we had to find a squeezer - found an electric (?) one in the supermarket. So now The Driver can fix himself fresh juice. Says it is so much better.

A local bus
These guys were on the other side of the street in the field by the supermarket when we drove in. Now they have crossed the main street and are eating the nice green vegatation in the little garden plaza. This is the MAIN street into town.
No one around who owns them
On the way back to the campground we noticed a lot of people walking along side the road with buckets - no idea from where to where or what was in them.
And these guys were discussing very important things.
How would the modern American mother react if her kid called on his cell phone and said -"Hi, Mom, guess what the school bus broke down so we are going to help push it."
A Day in the Life in Huatabampo.

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Teri said...

Those potatoes looks very good! How does he cook them?