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Monday, December 27, 2010

Arrived in Mazatlan


We left El Fuerte early Christmas morning and headed south again to Mazatlan. 297 miles and US$70 in tolls.
The drive was uneventful. The road from El Fuerte to Los Mochis where we connected again with the Autopista (Toll Road) is much better then the one we drove there on.
Seemed like a lot of it had just been repaved. Where it was 4-lane divided there was very nice landscaping down the center.
A nice road to Los Mochis
And I remember these trees from last year. They are huge.
BIG trees
Going through one little town I managed to get the camera up in time to snap a photo of the meat market. This is beef hanging outside right next to the highway and dirt shoulder. The metal building behind the meat is for rent.
Ourtdoor meat market
From Los Mochis we were back on the toll road. But we have to remember that just because they collect tolls it doesn’t mean it is a highway like we are used to. Still animals wandering around and stands selling stuff along the shoulders. In fact we stopped here and bought some tangerines. One of the hanging bags for 15Pesos – a little over a dollar. The guy selling them had to run over from across the highway when we stopped to buy some.
Roadside stand for oranges and tangerines and peanuts
We got to Mazatlan early afternoon and settled in at Las Jaibas RV Park. Again we are in the back all by ourselves. This year even the front part of the park is half empty. Only 22 rigs here. Even the little restaurant that was here is closed for lack of business.
Winter tourism from the north is way down. In fact both big RV parks right downtown are almost empty. A couple of years ago we couldn’t even get into the Mar Rosa let alone get a beach front spot. This year only two of the beach front spots are occupied. And there are a lot of empty spaces. The California RV right in the center of town has 5 rigs in it – and usually it is packed. And we’ve been here the same time of year. Didn’t even see any RVs on the road as we were traveling here.
First night here we took a drive just at sunset along the malecon. Lots of families on the beach and in the water. Families from the cooler mountainous interior of Mexico. This is a vacation week for them.
Mazatlan Christmas Day night
Last year the plaza across from the cathedral had a really interesting Christmas tree made of 2-liter bottles filled with colored water. This year they have a big green tree that is no more than a commercial for Coca-Cola – not near as nice.
Coke commerical
We parked in the street and had Willie washed – he was sooooo dirty – by the guys with buckets and rags. They do a great job.
Then last night we went to the Plaza Machado for dinner and to people watch. Lots of lights on the trees and lots of vendors.

Lighted Gazebo
 Saw some beautiful embroidered blouses and silver work.

All kinds of pretty things
A Mostly enjoyed listening to the music and watching the dancing. I was surprised when they started line dancing to Achey Breaky Heart sung in Spanish. Wish the picture was better but it was taken at night without much light. Young and old were dancing and having fun.

Got pretty cool and damp so we left around 9:30 – before the evening even began.

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