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Sunday, December 19, 2010


A couple of sunset pictures from last night. Finally some clouds to make it pretty.

Big Ball

I did! I did! I did see the dolphins this morning. But just barely – I’ve been watching way out on the water and they actually swim pretty close to shore. Just happened to look up and there they were. I was so surprised I almost didn’t pick up the camera. So didn’t get very good pictures but here’s what I did get. There are five or six of them and they were swimming fast.
The wave to the right of the bird

There's one!
Now tomorrow I’ll know when and where to watch.
Took a short walk down the beach yesterday – got to get my walking going. Here is our campsite; the restaurant is right next to us.
The rock sea wall built after the last hurricane four years ago
Then further on I came across this – reminded me of a chia pet having a bad hair day. Actually just a big rock covered in seaweed.

Then these clam holes, but around them was a very slight oil sheen – kind of pretty in a sad sort of way.

Most of the houses along the beach have now been repaired from the hurricane of four years ago. There are only a few that are still in pieces. Glad to see that.

Been taking some of the dirt roads to see where they go – mostly they follow the canal of the irrigation systems. The irrigating here is done by hand. Lots of work for men with shovels. Moving the dirt so water can go down each planted row.
Lots of hard work to grow the crops here
I think I’ve mentioned before how so many of the trees are shaped into squares or balls or other shapes. Well we watched this guy do his. Here he is up in the tree

He is using a machete to shape it
The next day we went by and it was finished.

Also came across these smart horses. They cross the street where the tope is. Guess they know the cars have to really slow down in that area.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such an interesting time. Love the photos. So the horses have the run of the town? Cool!