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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drive on the Sand

Got up I thought early enough to see the dolphins that swim past here every morning but either wasn’t early enough or they took the day off. Will try again tomorrow.

The last few days have been lovely. Sunny and warm, shorts weather, but not too warm and cooling down nice at night.
I am paying for my long walk on the beach the other day. My legs are still sore – just tells me I really need to do more serious walking. Not just strolling a couple of blocks from the parked car to the stores. Started to walk the other way, down past the houses, yesterday morning but had forgotten to change the battery in my camera so when it died I had to turn around. Well any excuse….
We did take a drive on the beach yesterday at low tide. The sand dunes are really pretty. Stretch for quite a ways. And not loaded with ATVs - even on the weekends they are quiet.

ripples in the sand
The sand is so hard that we don’t even leave tire tracks. Lots and lots of clams under the sand. As we went by they would squirt water up out of their holes.

Saw a couple of the big shrimpers out in the water with their nets extended.

And a couple of little boats closer to shore.

There is a tiny fishing village there named Santa Barbara – just a few homes but lots of little boats.

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