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Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeding Seagulls and Flying Kites

Friday – Dec 10

One month on the road today – we have driven 3046 miles in Jennie so far.
We are at last red spot
First thing this morning we moved to a beach front spot and Bill went out to feed the birds. They show up from nowhere when he gets out there. And the pelicans bob up and down on the waves just watching. Probably thinking “What silly birds those are.”
Right now they are all standing there looking at us – we have to go into town for more cookies.

Had to turn the heat on for a second this a.m. to take the chill off. Poor us. Now it is beautiful out if the mosquitoes would just go away. They do as soon as the wind comes up.
Somehow my Visitor’s Map on this site got all screwed up so had to re-do it – now I wonder if it is working, guess I’ll find out soon enough.
When we got here there was an Alfa here with a really neat decal job. Looked pretty nifty instead of just a big white blob.
The neighbors Alfa with really nice decal job
Didn’t do much today – just went into the big supermarket in town and got – of course – cookies, some fresh made still warm tortillas and some hamburger buns – dinner tonight.
Bill was flying his kites – nice wind – had two up at once and everyone in campground was out looking at them.
Up Up and Away

Turns out the procession is Sunday in town – not today.
Was reading a book on my Nook and fell asleep – now it is going to be a very long evening.
Met some of the people in the campground – one couple is from Boise, Idaho – You guys could have come down with them – you know who I’m talking to…..

Last year around this time we met a young couple who were just starting out on a trip to South America in their land cruiser. Well today they loaded their car into a container to ship it from Panama to Colombia – you can keep up with them on their web site  http://www.lostworldexpedition.com/ – after entering their site there is also a link to their face book page on the right hand side which is more up to date.

That’s about it for today.

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