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Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Huatabampito Again

Thursday evening – Huatabampito

We left Kino bright and early around 7:30. There was no one else moving any where else in town. Stopped to get gas a ways up the road in Miguel Aleman. It is 8.68 a liter or about US$2.68 a gallon. That’s as long as the Peso stays at 12.30 to one dollar. The attendant still pumps the gas for you. While waiting we saw something we don’t see at home any more. An air pump – free – right at the gas island. A couple of kids came by and filled their bike tires. Remember when?
For a while I thought we were going to be driving into a lot of fog. Could see it in front of us hanging over the desert. Well it wasn't fog it was smoke. The fields had been cleared and the rubbish from them was being burned. It was burning yesterday when we went by too. Can you imagine living down wind.
Burning rubbish from farm fields
Then we made a BIG mistake. We decided to take the short cut to 15D instead of driving back into Hermosillo like we usually do to pick it up. Neither of us like driving back through Hermosillo. It’s a different way then how we come in and the traffic is horrible. Well from now on we will go through Hermosillo. The 54 miles of “shortcut” took two hours to drive – most of it at 10 miles per hour. This picture doesn’t do the ride justice.
At least you can miss potholes
It was horrible, I’m surprised that anything in here still works that it isn’t shook to pieces. The potholes were better than the pavement. So glad to get off of it we didn’t even mind paying the next three tolls.
Once back on the main road we saw the usual things. Vendors at the topes – this guy is selling birds.
Birds in the cages
Hum…isn’t he going the wrong direction? They are painting the white lines. Remember this is the main Toll Road.
Then the cows and cowboys. At one place all the traffic was coming to a halt as a cow wandered across the road and the cowboy on his horse was galloping down the pavement trying to catch him.
After we got off the main road and headed towards Huatabampito we passed several stands where they were selling watermelons and corn. Looked good.

Got to Huatabampito to the El Mirador RV Hotel, Restaurant & RV Resort http://www.elmiradorrvpark.com/ around 2:00 and to our surprise all the beach front sites were taken. OH NO! Mr Bill. So for tonight we are in the second row. US$20 a night for the beach front spaces with full hookups - 30 amps.
“Our” site [front row corner] will be vacant tomorrow and we will move forward. One neat thing is the people in that site now are Mike and Terri Church – The ones who write the Mexican Camping books. Wow – several times through the years we have just missed meeting them. That’s their RV – the red truck and camper. Very very nice people. Enjoyed visiting with them. Their web site is http://www.rollinghomes.com/
A few things different this year. The restaurant no longer serves any meat – just fish and seafood. So we both had breaded filet of fish (empanizada), papas fritas and ensalada. Very good and filling.
After stuffing ourselves The Driver got to feed the seagulls – I think they recognized him ‘cause they sure showed up fast. Tomorrow we have to go buy cookies for them.
Oh goody he is back with the cookies!
Then he got out one of his new kites, put it together and managed to get it up into the air. It was great to watch – very colorful.

Getting it ready to fly
It's up in the air and the red truck with the camper belongs to the Churches - that's where we'll be when they leave.
Huatabampito campground and The Driver with his kite
And of course the sunset – how could I not include a picture of the sunset. Just wish it wasn’t so early – can’t stay outside too many mosquitoes out tonight. Ugh.
What can I say?

A video of his kite flying -
Bill just mentioned how proud he is of Jennie - she took a beating and kept on ticking today. And the satellite even still works.
Tomorrow is another day and it is the day to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe so there will be a procession on the beach.

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