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Monday, December 13, 2010

Driving on the Beach

Instead of going right back to the campground we decided to take a little drive down the beach. Getting to the beach required driving down a narrow and bumpy dirt road.

Willie (and The Driver) seem to love this.

 Once on the beach the sand is pretty hard packed by the water so it is kind of fun.

Sand dunes along the beach

For awhile we were chasing a bird

This is just up from the campground there is a restaurant in the area and a bus had brought in a bunch of teen agers to enjoy the day. She was getting buried in the sand. Wonder how much her mother will enjoy the laundry.
Having fun
The rest of them were playing a rousing game of soccer. Note the girls in their ankle length skirts.
Saturday Afternoon on the Beach

After watching them for awhile we continued on down to the campground. Jennie is patiently waiting for us.

El Mirador Campground - Huatabampito
Not sure how to present the videos - using YouTube or just uploading them. What do you think? The one a couple post before of just the seagulls was using YouTube. These I just posted right to the blog.
More later about the procession for the Virgin of Guadaloupe.....

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