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Monday, December 13, 2010

Problems with Laptop and Visit to Yarvaros

Monday a.m.

It was so foggy out this morning when I got up I couldn’t even see the Jeep parked right next to us.
Before I get into what we’ve been doing to keep busy I’ll go into what WE HAVE to do today…….I’ve got a problem with my laptop – the button that I push to open, close, move etc things only wants to work part of the time. So hopefully somewhere in the town of Huatabampo there is a little store that sells computer stuff so I can get an external mouse!!! PLEASE!!!
Friday I watched the TV program Burn Notice on the laptop from the Internet. Even get the commercials – Gripes me that some of our allowable download time goes to commercials. Any way – the one program used up 1/3 of our “allowable download bandwidth” time. And then it takes 24 hours to replenish back up to 100%. So I figure I can watch one program every two days without problems. How it works with Hughes.Net our Internet provider is – if you download too much and go over your amount they slow down your connect so much – worse than dialup – that you stay off for a day. Its called being “FAPed” Enough of that.

Saturday morning got up early and watched the sun come up over the beach.

Sunrise - looking down the beach
Then later we drove over to the little fishing village of Yavaros for the morning Farmer’s Market. Passed these ladies waiting for the bus.
All along the main street stands were set up. Selling everything from movie CDs, clothing, kitchen items and produce.
There were several stands with lots of yummy looking fruit and vegetables. No matter how many of these outdoor markets we go to I’m always pleasantly surprised by the smell of the fresh produce.
We bought some cantaloupe 8 pesos, a small watermelon 5 pesos and a couple of avocados 7 pesos then Bill bought some roasted peanuts 10 pesos. Each peso is worth approximately 8 US cents.
Just more scenes of the market place.

Young and Old out Shopping
We continued out the main road to the area where the shrimp boats dock. Well some of them aren’t just docked – they’re permanently settled in.  

This year there weren’t as many as there have been along the docks. Last year they were tied four deep along the whole length of the dock.

Only a few boats here
Bill asked one of the fishermen by his boat where the rest of the boats were. His reply was they have moved to other ports as there weren’t as many shrimp to catch around this area anymore. This year we haven’t seen as many out in the water as we have in the past. Also one of our camping neighbors said the lady in the next little fishing village he goes to has told him the last few days, “No hay camaron.” No shrimp for sale.
The nets hanging up to dry are so colorful.
Nets - red, yellow, shades of greens and blues  their Job our Pleasure
Whats left of one boat that isn’t going any where any more. The pelicans enjoy it though.
Watching us watching them
A couple of the workers outside the processing plant – not the hairnets – they also wear face masks if they have facial hair.
Taking a break
Back towards town we passed this newly painted home – just the front was painted not the sides.

Then we took the periferico (the road around town - the first year we were here it was dirt - now it is paved and widened - on down to the estuary where the small fishing boats – pongas - are kept. Here just caught fish is cleaned and ready for purchase. Then on down to the estuary where the small fishing boats – pongas - are kept. Here just caught fish is cleaned and ready for purchase.

Selling and Buying
Want to buy some fish? Very fresh.

More pelicans – just waiting.

Heading back towards the campground we carefully drove around the goats.

Before going back to the campground we took a short drive down the beach - next post.....

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