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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping in the old district of Mazatlan

Tuesday a.m.

I checked out the DataStorm map this morning. Last year there were seven or eight other people in the area with their satellite dishes up. This year we’re the only ones in Mazatlan. Where is everybody?
Yesterday we had to go over to the old area to take Bill’s watch to a watchmaker we found over there last year. We are staying clear at the other end of the city so it is always an interesting drive over to the old section. Keep going past this store – someday I want to stop and look around. Looks pretty expensive.
Store in the Zona Dorado
Into the old zone and the very narrow streets. Always blow horn when coming to a corner as you can’t see if anything is coming or not.
Beep Beep
We pulled up to the parking lot we usually go to there and it was full – that is until the attendant recognized Bill and Willie. Immediately there was room for us. Even if we were stopped in the middle of the lot. Just left them our keys and they took care of it.
Off to the watchmaker. He remembered Bill and his watch and fixed it right away. Some how moisture got around the battery. He originally replaced the battery one year ago today. – didn’t know but when you get a watch fixed the watchmaker always puts that date in the watch.
From there we walked up to the central market. Lots of people out shopping and trying to find parking. Did not see very many Norte Americanos though.
Bustling Downtown Mazatlan
Lots of streetside vendors. Don’t remember what these are – will have to ask next time we see them.

And these blue buckets were sitting on the corner – shrimp any one?
Scale to weigh them
We always go into the big central market – it is a full block in size– was established in 1889. Last year when we were here a couple of the stores in it caught on fire and burned down. But they have been repaired and are up and running again. The stores around the outside are clothes stores and souvenirs. In fact yesterday Bill bought a couple of shirts – Guayaberas – the shirts that button down the front with the embroidery or tucks on them. And I got another colorful gauze blouse.
Sundresses, shorts, blouses - anything you want
The center section of the market is all food. You can find everything there from tiny stores that sell canned and boxed goods to the meat sections where you can get chicken feet and pig’s heads.

It is a refrigerated case
And produce – all kinds – a lot I’m going to have to find out what it is.

And then there is the entertainment. Along came an older man playing the horn with his younger drummer. Won’t see that in the mall at home.
Entertainment provided

Back outside walking around – more street vendors – there are so many – this one is selling dates at 30 Pesos per Kilo, prunes and some orange stuff neither of us could figure out what it was. I can see we (The Driver) needs to ask more questions.

Off to the main plaza where the church and government buildings are.
This is the main entrance to the church – it was built in 1890 so it’s not quite as old as a lot of the ones we’ve visited. But it is unusual for the herringbone design of the ceiling tiles.

For once I didn’t have shorts on so I went in and snapped a couple of pictures. The main aisle

And altar.

Then across the street to the Plaza. On two sides the area is lined with shoe shine men.
Shoe Shine Stands
These ostrich skin boots, belt and buckle are drying after being shinned.

She was chasing the pigeons.
Having Fun in the Sun
Inside the government building was the required mural. It was on the second floor so I couldn’t get a really good picture of it. That is Padre Hidalgo breaking the chain of repression. And the standard with the Virgin of Guadeloupe. Mazatlan was founded in 1531 as a port and for awhile it was a pirate stronghold. Then fishing was the main business.

The floor in the courtyard of the government building. The stones are wearing away.
Lot of feet have walked here
Enough walking for awhile – back to the campground. Last year this building needed painting. Guess they got it done.
Love the colors
Last night we went out to dinner with our good friend Angelica. Went back to FatFish for ribs. Had soft drinks, salad, baked potato, garlic bread and ribs for three – US$24.50. And as you can see there were plenty of ribs.
Again it cooler than usual as the evening progressed. A real cold wave here.
What adventures await us today?

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Nancy said...

Glad ya'll are enjoying Mexico again this year---and I am enjoying all of your pictures !! Stay safe and hope you both have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !!