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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bahia de Kino

Wednesday evening - part two

Just some of the scenery along the highway. Kind of pretty in a desert sort of way. Some of the trees still have color. Most of 15D is a four lane divided road and I think newly paved since last year.

Still hate it when we have to go around one of these double semis – they have two 52foot trailers. Seems like it takes forever to get around one. And when they pass us – oh I hate that and sure am glad I’m not driving.
Fun to pass
Through every little town are topes with someone selling something. They figure you have to slow down you might as well buy something.
Also some of the stuff for sale along the way. Lots of copper pots.

Copper bowls and pots
 A pickup with chilis for sale
Chilis for sale
And of course the roadside memorials and rock paintings.
Driving through Hermosillo, a city of 650,000 wasn’t too bad as we take the ring road the Periferico – I love that word - around the busiest part of it. But in places even that gets busy.

Traffic in Hermosillo

Once out of the city it was a straight shot thorough the farm lands to Bahia de Kino.
We pulled into Kino Bay RV around 4 pm – a long day eight hours and 277 miles. But we are here – in Mexico. Got set up – TV, Internet and rest of utilities then we headed across the street to Jorge’s for dinner. Bill had the special of the night – a Mexican sampler which came with a margarita (guess who drank that) and I had Melanesia. It was delicious. Also saw some people we knew from the previous years. He is 92 and comes down every year. His girlfriend is 87! And they are going strong.
This morning we returned to Jorge’s and sat at the outside tables to watch the waves.
Just me enjoying the waves

Also so The Driver could have his Huevos Rancheros. 
After eating we took a drive to Old Kino to go to an ATM – more on that later – that is at the gas station there. While waiting I noticed this – it’s a public bathroom and you have to pay to use it.
Pay to Go

We also stopped by the bakery as we could smell the aroma of baking bread all over town.
Good smelling Bakery

Passed this beautiful scene along the way. Palm trees and bouganvilla.
Then we took a trip to the pier to watch the seagulls. Caught this one yawning.
Big Yawn

Back to the ATM – I think I mentioned that we didn’t change money before crossing the border so we were running low on Pesos. No problem right? To the ATM we’ve used every year at the gas station. Oh oh! Wouldn’t accept The Driver’s card – Hum….maybe it was out of money. On down the street to the only other ATM in town. EGAD it won’t work either. And the guy in front of us got money.
Well before we panic….Drove to the next little bigger town back towards Hermosillo. It has a bank. Well guess what the bank tellers can’t give out money on ATM cards AND their machine wouldn’t accept it either. Wouldn’t take my card either – CRAP. There are three ATMs in the town. Finally found one in a grocery store that would take my card – still wouldn’t take Bill’s. So anyway we got some Pesos and headed back to Kino.

Checked the bank account and all is well – will try another machine then contact the bank – right now we don’t have cell service….so will have to wait.
Before we went back to the RV park Bill had to try out one of his new kites. So we went over to the boat ramp where there is always a wind and lots of room.

Watched a fisherman come in. This is such a pretty area. Check out the house being built along the side of the cliff.

And Bill got his kite ready to go.

There it is – way up high



Liz said...

Gorgeous pictures already! I enjoyed the kite-flying video. How long will you stay in Kino?

cosisikh said...

Thanks for your share! very impressive!