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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arrived in Mazatlan - Stanley cooperated.

Sunday p.m.
Well we made it to Mazatlan. Got here about 2:30 mountain time. Left Guadalajara 7:30 central time. It was 304 miles and we stopped once for gas and SEVEN times for toll booths. USD$140.00 now that is a little much. The road was mostly good but a lot of it was only two lanes. A when trucks pass trucks in front of you on an uphill curve with double yellow lines it gets scary. The Driver had to slam on the brakes and pull hard right once. Luckily there were wide shoulders.
double yellow line? what double yellow line?
We are back at Las Jaibas RV – there are only 17 other rigs here now. Stanley went up and locked right on. Good boy. All the way here every time The Driver saw the Mazatlan sign he would yell RIBS. So we got set up, relaxed for a while and then at 4:30 went out for RIBS for dinner. YUM.
Then went out near the lighthouse and watched the sunset. Beautiful.

Tomorrow I'll try to catch up again with our last day in Guadalajara and our return visit to deliver Jeff's clothes and the time we spent in Chapala.
Also more about todays drive. 

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