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Monday, March 21, 2011

Why put Chili on everything? Market Day in Huatabampo

Monday a.m.

Happy first day of spring and Happy Birthday Benito Juarez! – Today is his birthday and a national holiday. All government offices are closed so we are expecting the beach to be busy again. Tomorrow morning early we will leave and head to Hermosillo about 240 more miles north – we say now.
Started using up our pork and chicken products yesterday – Bill fixed our last package of bacon for breakfast. I'll fix chicken for dinner tonight.
Here we are all by ourselves in El Mirador RV Park.
That is the net they put up to keep the blowing sand off us. And their restaurant in the background. Stanley isn’t up as we are using the parks WiFi. Its fast and doesn’t cut out in the afternoon like our HughesNet does. Very peaceful here.
Drove into town Huatabampito to go to the market yesterday late morning [had to get cookies for the seagulls] and saw these guys standing by the side of the road. No idea what it was about. But we would find out later.
As we got into town we discovered it was Farmer’s Market day – three or four blocks were set up with booths selling stuff – from apples to wheels and everything in between. So of course we had to stop and walk around. Pretty interesting. And crowded.
Several women had set up tables with delicious looking cakes for sale. You could buy a piece or the whole cake.
they looked good
As we walked around we saw more of the strangely costumed and masked people walking and dancing around. Bill asked a lady about them and she told us they are starting the celebration for Santa Semana – the last week of Lent and the week before Easter – getting an early start.
They had to be hot under those masks and costumes.
There were several carts selling mangos. They peel them cut into them to form petals like, put them on a stick and then sprinkle chili on them. Not for me.
Just one of the vendors spaces. Need a tool? a part?
This dapper gentleman is dressed up in his Sunday best. White hat, pressed black shirt and pants and white ostrich belt and boots.
Seemed like everyone from the town was here shopping. Even the very young.
Sometimes I’m glad I don’t understand Spanish. Bill overheard one young woman ask her husband why he brought her to the market place. They didn’t have any money to buy anything anyway. So it was just mean bringing her and the kids here.
Lots of junk food for sale – the always present cotton candy – the pink and blue stuff on the left.
And jicama – haven’t seen it served this way before. It’s cut into round slices, a stick is put in it – like a lilipop then it’s sprinkled with CHILI! Saw a little kid in a stroller happily eating one.

As I mentioned young and old were out shopping. This older couple stopped and looked at just about everything.
After checking everything out we got back in the car and went to the supermarket. While Bill was checking out I happened to notice this. You have to get your toilet paper before you go into the bathroom. Hummmmm
On the way back to the campground we passed a couple of roadside vendors. The hanging things are baskets of some sort. Some looked like they could be cradles.
The beach by the time we got back and late into the afternoon was very busy. People swimming, picnicking, riding all sorts of vehicles up and down the sand.
Sunset as is almost always the case here was beautiful.
A little boat heading home.
And this morning the dolphins were swimming way out.

Yesterday afternoon I watched the Leaderboard for the NASCAR race at Bristol – GO KYLE – he has won the last five races there – 1 truck, 2 Nationwide and 2 Cup races. And has led over 10,000 laps in the Nationwide series and he is only 25! I love to watch him race.
Other than that not much exciting going on. Lot of clouds in the sky today.

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