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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing Nothing in the Desert

Wednesday a.m.

Yesterday was another do nothing day. We went to McDonalds for an early lunch. Been awhile since we’ve been to one. I see their prices have gone up too. Put some gas in the Jeep. It’s $3.559 a gallon here – glad we filled up Jennie in Mexico when we did. We’ll be able to get a few miles before another filling. Walked around the True Value Hardware store for a bit. We saw a squirrel proof bird feeder we liked – maybe we’ll be able to find a couple when we get home. The feeder is inside a big metal open ball shape that the squirrels can’t fit through. It is made by or distributed by Gardman
Several on-line places sell it. Probably not supposed to post a picture of it but it looks like a neat thing to use.
Made the mistake of taking a nap in the afternoon – So up until late – had no problem finishing a book before nodding off.
The weather here is so perfect – cool at night and in the low 80s during the day. At home there were snow showers again last night. And our house sitter says the yard is a mess from all the storms but the weather continues to be so bad he hasn’t been able to get anyone up there to clean it up. He also says at least some of our fishies (koi and goldfish) made it through the winter. He sees them swimming around when the sun is out. I never thought I's say this but I'm looking forward to be going up and down the stairs at home. Jennie is getting VERY VERY small and confining.  

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