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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Staying in Arizona until Monday

Saturday a.m.

We are still in Arizona – and don’t seem to be getting ready to get going this morning.
Yesterday we did the laundry. I got spoiled in Mexico – took the dirty clothes in and got them back all clean and folded.
Got my NASCAR fix yesterday watched most of the afternoon. Kyle wrecked his Cup car before he even made one lap around the track. But still managed to qualify 8 And Bill got to see a soccer game or two.
We still haven’t figured out how we are going home. Will start out on the I-10 at least as far as Deming, NM. Kind of would like to go to Roswell, NM – the weather there seems to be okay. But still terrible in Indiana – snow – rain and cold.
Well its noon now and we’ve decided to stay here until Monday. So went out to breakfast and then to Wal*Mart to get a few things we need.
Looking forward to watching the Nationwide race this afternoon – if the weather holds in California.

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