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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heading north in a few minutes -

Tuesday very a.m.
As soon as we get everything ready we'll be on the road again. Our destination for today is Hermosillo - maybe. From there it is an easy drive to Arizona.
Yesterday we didn't do much. Drove around Yavaros and Huatabampo a little. Both towns were pretty quiet. Did see one old man walking down the street with a wheel barrel full of little manta rays. But didn't get the camera out in time.
And found the white pelicans that were missing from Lake Chapala - they are in Yavaros. Dozens of them.
The beach was crowded again yesterday. Lots and lots of family gatherings - kids playing in the sand and water. Music playing. Even a couple of people in the water in boats and seadoos.
There are now six RVs in here besides us. And the restaurant has been full for the last couple of days.
In fact we ate fish and chips [nuggets con pappas] there last night. Still haven't cook our chicken.
Time to get things buttoned down and hit the highway - until later

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