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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not doing much back in Mazatlan.

Wednesday a.m. very, very foggy out this morning

Our first day back, Monday, we took it kind of easy. I mentioned that Sunday night we went out for ribs – did I mention what happened to Willie? Driving towards the restaurant we noticed that the intersection was flooded – no way around it so right through it. However it wasn’t just water as soon as we hit it we knew – it was sewage!!! Stinky, stinky sewage. Poor Willie he was covered. So anyway…
Monday we drove over to the old district to downtown just for something to do and to get Willie washed. The Driver had wiped off the door handles so we could get in and out but the rest of him was………We parked in our favorite lot and the guy there said he would take care of the washing. Thank You!
We headed over to the central market – just before we got there I took my sun glasses off to put them in my purse and one ear piece stayed over my ear. Oh Oh –Luckily the optometrist where I bought them last year was just a couple of blocks away. [Talk about timing.] Walked back there and he said No Problem he could fix them. It would take about an hour. He also gave me another pair with plain glass lenses to wear while he was fixing them.
Back towards the central market. On the way there Bill stopped to talk to these chess players.

After seeing all the mango trees all over the place I decided I wanted a mango – I don’t think I have ever tasted one. If I have I don’t remember. So we strolled the produce section of the market. We asked what the dark green knobby fruit was but neither of us understood the answer and weren’t curious enough to try one.

At the next stand we found mangos – they are shades of red and green (for some reason I thought they would be all green.) Got a lesson in how to pick out a good one and bought one to take home with us. Finally tried it yesterday – they are bright yellowgold inside and delicious – I love them.
Passed this dry goods stand they sell everything from brooms to beans. The beans are sold by the kilo. Scooped out of the bin and put in paper bags.

And I had to get a quick shot of a piggy – why is it smiling?

Still had time to waste before my glasses would be fixed so we walked over to the Plaza for lunch. Since we left three weeks ago a couple of the restaurants have been painted and the gazebo was repainted. Looked splendid.

Shy Bill stopped to talk to this young man from North Carolina. He was sitting on one of the benches across from the music school playing his banjo.

And I caught a picture of this hummingbird up in the tree.

Sat down at Beach Burger and had Italian Chicken Salad. Very, very good. And just people watched for a while. The weather is perfect for that – mid 70s.

Back to the optometrist – my sunglasses were ready. While there I decided I liked the ones he had let me wear so we ordered another pair of sunglasses with those frames and a lighter lenses so I can use them in the car and still be able to read maps etc. My “old” ones are very dark for outside. They would be ready the next day and only US$45 with my bifocal prescription. Can’t beat that.
Returned to RV after that. Even fewer rigs here now – some had left during day. Everyone is heading home I guess. And right now I'm watching another one get ready to take off - that leaves 14 of us here.
Ate left over ribs and watched a movie.
Tuesday morning started out foggy too but cleared up by nine o’clock. We phoned our friend Angelica and made arrangements to meet her for dinner one evening then took a ride to Concordia. Bill wanted to see the guy who carves the Wind Spirit faces.
He got a couple more of the smaller faces and the carver and his wife presented us with a beautiful big face as a gift for our home. I love it. Forgot to take a picture of him before putting him in a safe place.
Then back downtown where we had lunch and picked up my new sunglasses. Then back to Jennie for the rest of the day. Bill is rearranging things for the trip home so we don’t have lots of rattles and squeaks on the way.
I actually fixed dinner – chicken and rice – last night as between now and when we cross the border into the US we have to eat up all our chicken and pork products or the US border guards will confiscate them. ?!?! Includes bacon, sausage, and lunch meat? Eggs, chicken and some fruit but all I can remember is apples and we don’t have any.
Our friend Angelica came over to visit us last night and when she left we watched a weird movie with Meg Ryan. Can’t remember the name of it – something about Moonlight I think) She duct tapes her husband to the toilet to keep him from leaving her…..She didn’t even look like herself – one too many trips to the “nip and tuck?”
When the fog lifts and the sun comes out we are going to drive up to La Noria – about 30 miles away. Bill wants to talk to his friend who works in leather there. In Guadalajara Bill found a good inexpensive tannery and wants to share the information. The rest of the day who knows. Just enjoying what’s left of our time here. Haven't been taking many pictures - unless it is very pretty or unusual or interesting to me and I hope to you.
I've been reading another new author, to me anyway, Laura Lippman she writes about a woman P.I. who lives in Baltimore. Light reading and fun.


Anonymous said...

My oh my, you two stay so busy! I guess I'd be anxious for home by now too. Glad I didn't drive thru that stinky puddle! lol. You are very fortunate to be financially able to do these trips. My son in CA and I downloaded yahoo messenger and we can video call each other. So I can see and talk to him at the same time on my computer screen. Best of all I get to see my grandson who will be 1 in April and I haven't seen him since he was 5 weeks old. I was so thrilled to get to watch and hear him! Enjoy the rest of your stay there.

Steve said...

Enjoying your comments and blog. Live in Amado AZ and spend some time in San Carlos several times each year. Have a 34'MH and may take a trip along the coast to points south of Guymas next fall/winter.