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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leaving Guadalajara

Sunday a.m.
It is still dark out but we are up and preparing to leave at first light. Today being Sunday we should be able to get out of Guadalajara without a lot of traffic. We are hoping to get to Mazatlan this afternoon. 320 miles of expensive toll road away. 300 miles isn't much in the states but here we have to deal with lots of topes and weird traffic even on the toll roads. But at least much of it is downhill. And the only other big town we have to go through is Tepic.
Don/t know if its the altitude, the smog or some kind of pollen in the air but both of us have been so stuffed up while here we can hardly breath. Have to get up in the middle of the night to blow our noses.
Had a fun day yesterday visiting with Jeff and walking around the Malecon in Chapala.
Bought some movie DVDs from a vendor in Chapala. Did I mention we bought The King's Speech at the central market here. We made sure it had the right region code so it would play but go home and found out it was in Spanish with Spanish sub-titles???? Anyway we bought it again yesterday. Region code - right one. The girl played it on her DVD for us - in English. Goody. So went to watch it last nite - first five minutes were in English - the rest in Spanish with Spanish sub-titles. Guess we just aren't supposed to see that one. So we watch Wall Street 2 - boy he is getting old. All in English no sub-titles.
Will catch up the bog about our last days in Guadalajara and Chapala - either tonight or tomorrow. Saw some real interesting things the last tannery we went to.  And with that teaser I'll shut this down and pack it away. Hopefully dear Stanley will go up and behave when we get to Mazatlan.

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